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Oh wow, this is great!! Thanks!

Nimer J

The Elf wrote:
hi folks, thought many would have uses for this one!
from free download a day:
Cometdocs online file conversion
October 23rd, 2009
runs as Online Service
How many different file formats do you imagine there are out there? There are oodles of proprietary formats—Word's DOC files, Excel's XLS, to name a few—as well as bunches of special-purpose formats. And then there's the joy of the incompatibility of DOS, UNIX, and Mac file formats (darn those end-of-line
characters!). So how do you get them all to play nice?
Cometdocs is a free online service that helps you convert files from one format to another. Whether it's PDF-ing a Word DOC, or turning that PDF file into a Word DOC, if you can imagine it, these guys can probably accomplish it. They can also work with many legacy file formats, turning your old word processing
docs into something that you can use today.
They've also got some special tricks up there sleeves. Run a directory listing of your website and they can spit-out a Google XML sitemap file. Submit a scanned PDF or TIFF file and their OCR tools will give your content back to you in electronic format. Cometdocs is free, and you don't even have to sign up to use it. You'll need a web browser, and that's about it, so it doesn't make any difference which
platform you're running.
Download Cometdocs {actually a link to the sites home page}
if you have questions for me on this, P! L! E! A! S! E! (Please!) write me off list or contact me on MSN,
inthaneelf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:inthaneelf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
have a great day!
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