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Hi all, I saw that message that Nimer posted about the new update. The following message explains it a little bit more.


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Subject: [JAWS-Users] Update to JAWS 10.0.1139 now released
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Freedom Scientific has officially released the latest update for all JAWS 10 customers. It is available for 32 and 64-Bit Windows and you will find the full version of both products (for use as release versions or Demo versions) on the JAWS download page now. If you have JAWS 10 versions installed already, please use the Check for Update feature in
the Help Menu now to update to this new version.

Below, I have listed changes and enhancements we have been working on and added for this free update. During the next few days, we will also be posting the releases of MAGic 11 update for both 32-bit and 64-bit as

Eric Damery
Vice President
Software Product Management
Freedom Scientific

New Features in the 10.0.1139 build:

JAWS 10 for 64-bit Windows Vista

It is becoming more and more common for new computers to come equipped with 64-bit Windows Vista(tm) operating system. A 64-bit version of JAWS is now available to run on these systems. Use the 64-bit download links
load>  on this page to install the latest JAWS 10 64-bit release.

JAWS Tandem Auditing

JAWS Tandem now maintains a log of session activity using the Windows Event Log service. These events are used to record the beginning and end of a session, the suspension and continuation of a session, and errors triggered before a session starts. The advantage of having such a log is that consultants and trainers now have a record of JAWS Tandem activity which is useful for tracking time for billing purposes. The event log can be set up so that only administrators can delete events. Also, users assigned any privilege level can write events to the event log. Again, JAWS Tandem does not record user activity; only session errors and the start, suspension, restart, and end of a session. To learn more, see the JAWS Tandem Auditing topic in the JAWS help file or visit the JAWS
Tandem Quick Start Guide
it> .

Multiple Sound Card Support

You can have multiple sound cards connected to your computer. The addition of a second internal sound card, an external USB sound card, or a USB headset are examples of multiple sound cards. Typically, Windows makes the last sound card added to your system the default sound card. This means that JAWS speech automatically goes to the new audio device, which can be frustrating if you want to use that device for something
other than JAWS.

With this release of JAWS, you can now override the Windows default selection, and choose which sound card to use for JAWS speech. If you are editing music, you can let Windows direct your music through a
higher-end audio card while JAWS directs its speech output to an
inexpensive sound card in your computer.

To select which sound device to use for JAWS speech, open the Sound Cards submenu, which is a new addition to the JAWS Utilities menu, and choose a card from the list. If you later remove that card from your computer, JAWS will automatically fall back to the Windows default sound card. If you restore the sound card to the system, JAWS will again send speech to that card instead of the Windows default sound card. For more information about this new functionality, refer to the Sound Cards topic
in the JAWS help file.

IAccessible2 Support

IAccessible2 (IA2) is an open standard that lets an application or Web page developer provide a detailed description of an object or control for assistive technology products. A combo box on a Web page is an example of the type of control that could contain a full description. You can configure JAWS to speak this information or alert you with a sound when it encounters such a control. If the latter occurs, you can then press INSERT+TAB to have JAWS read the additional information.

To configure this functionality in JAWS, use the Advanced Options dialog box in Configuration Manager, or press INSERT+V to open JAWS settings,
and select Off, Speak, or Alert with Sound for the IAccessible2
Descriptions option.  Speak is the default setting.

Catalan RealSpeak Solo Direct Voice

Nuria, the Catalan RealSpeak Solo Direct voice, is now available for JAWS. Go to RealSpeak Solo Direct Voices for Freedom Scientific Products
/RealSpeak-Solo-Direct-Downloads.asp#Nuria> to listen to a sample.

PlaceMarker Keystroke Update

The keystroke to set a Temporary PlaceMarker on a Web page has changed

The CTRL+K keystroke now opens a duplicate tab in Internet Explorer 8.

Enhancements in JAWS 10.0.1139 (March 2009)

The following is a list of items addressed between the final JAWS
10.0.512 release and the final JAWS 10.0.1139 posting. All enhancements since the initial public beta release are included in this release. For a list enhancements and improvements in previous JAWS 10 releases, see
earlier JAWS enhancements
ements.asp> .


* JAWS no longer creates a braille contraction error for the word
* For Unified English Braille (UEB) and contracted English braille (Grade 2) output, words such as thermoform and chloroform are forward
translated correctly using the for sign.
* Resolved a memory leak issue that was noticed when switching
between RealSpeak Solo Direct and Eloquence voice profiles.
* Tables now display correctly in Outlook 2007 and Word 2007 when you have a braille display attached, and the Document Presentation
option is set to Screen Layout.
* Scripts have been created for tcConference software, which is
Web conferencing software that supports Freedom Scientific online
training sessions. For more information, see the Freedom Scientific
Webinar Schedule and Registration Page
* Resolved an issue where the words realign, lineage, and
delineate were using the ea sign for UEB and contracted English braille.

* JAWS now speaks the status of the check boxes in the Options
dialog box of Word and Outlook when you press the SPACEBAR.
* The word Micronesia now translates correctly for contracted
English braille.
* JAWS will now echo the F3 keystroke.
* The MSAA Mode combo box is now described in the Advanced Options
Dialog topic in the JAWS help file.
* Screen sensitive help INSERT+F1 is now available for the
Translation Table combo box in the Braille Basic Settings dialog box. * When running JAWS and MAGic together, pressing INSERT+UP ARROW to say a line in the Mouse Enhancement or the Cursor Enhancement dialog box for MAGic no longer causes a left mouse click at the location of the
JAWS cursor.
* New BANA rules for some Grade 2 symbols have been implemented. * Configuration Manager will automatically save changes to remote
access settings when you close the manager.
* The "lnk" type is now shown on the right side of a braille
display instead of the right side when a link appears by itself on a
line in applications such as Word and Outlook 2007.

Adobe Acrobat

* When you move about the different panes of a dialog box, such as the tree view and read-only edit boxes found in the About Adobe Plug-Ins dialog box, JAWS now only reads the item that is currently selected instead of additional items that are not selected that also appear in
the dialog box.
* JAWS was not detecting tables in some PDF files. This has been
* JAWS speech and focus work correctly after creating a bookmark
in a PDF file.

Adobe Flex

* JAWS correctly reads the number of sliders that appear on the
computer screen.

Corel WordPerfect X3

* This release resolves a long standing issue when reading and
navigating by paragraphs in a WordPerfect X3 document.  JAWS now
correctly reads the current paragraph from beginning to end when using CTRL+NUM PAD 5. In addition, when you use CTRL+UP ARROW and CTRL+DOWN ARROW to jump to and read the previous or next paragraph, JAWS correctly moves to and reads the paragraphs instead of stopping on blank lines.

Microsoft Excel

* When an Excel workbook contains data on multiple worksheets,
JAWS now correctly reads cell information on the current worksheet. Before, when switching back and forth between worksheets, JAWS would
sometimes read data from the previous worksheet.
* If a Title Region is created in one region of a worksheet, JAWS no longer behaves sluggishly when navigating in other regions on the
same worksheet.
* In the JAWS help file, the obsolete keystroke CTRL+SHIFT+R has been removed and replaced with INSERT+SHIFT+R, which is the keystroke
for listing cells in the current row.
* In the JAWS help file, the obsolete keystroke CTRL+SHIFT+C has been removed and replaced with INSERT+SHIFT+C, which is the keystroke
for listing cells in the current column.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

* This release resolves a long standing issue with the INSERT+F8 keystroke and Internet Explorer. When you open the Internet Explorer Toolbar dialog box using this keystroke, JAWS no longer inserts an
ampersand in the text links that appear in the toolbar list.
* When using JAWS Find (CTRL+F) and Say All (INSERT+DOWN ARROW) together, JAWS speech no longer stops if you press F3 to jump to the next instance of the search string. Instead, JAWS moves to the next item
and then continues reading.
* Braille focus no longer jumps to the bottom of a Web page when
you turn off JAWS speech.
* Resolved an issue with the Illinois Center for Information
Technology Accessibility Web page where ARIA Live regions were not
* JAWS correctly navigates back and forth between Web pages at without announcing an Unknown Function Call message.
* Resolved an issue of sluggish JAWS performance with the New York
Times Web site.
* The keyboard help message (INSERT+1) for the INSERT+Z keystroke has been updated to state that it toggles the Virtual Cursor between Off
and Auto.
* JAWS no longer announces input fields that are hidden from view
by a cascading style sheet.
* JAWS correctly reads alt text and links while in Virtual mode in
Internet Explorer.
* After pressing F5 to refresh a Web page, JAWS will once again
read and recognize links in the INSERT+F7 links list.
* Web pages that use the Windows Media Player plug-in are now
accessible with JAWS.
* Table navigation keystrokes no function correctly when a blank
line is encountered between table data.
* The read-only help messages for Internet Explorer's Adjust JAWS
Options (INSERT+V) have been corrected and updated.
* Instead of saying, "contains text," JAWS now reads the text when
you press TAB to move into a read-only edit field.
* The Select and Copy option for Internet Explorer can be set to one of the following: Full Content using Onscreen Highlight or From
Virtual Cursor.
* JAWS no longer speaks the wrong text after pressing TAB or ARROW Keys to move away from an edit field in which you have just typed text.
* In the Customize Punctuation dialog box of Configuration
Manager, JAWS now reads the symbol U+F0E0 as right arrow bullet.

Microsoft Notepad

* Navigation by sentence (ALT+DOWN ARROW) and paragraph (CTRL+DOWN
ARROW) work correctly in Notepad.

Microsoft Outlook

* Plain text e-mail messages that you forward or respond to
typically have lines of text prefixed with a greater than sign. When you
read the message by previous or next paragraph (CTRL+UP ARROW or
CTRL+DOWN ARROW) in Outlook 2003, JAWS now recognizes and reads any
paragraph prefaced with a greater than sign.
* The screen sensitive help (INSERT+F1) for a Note (CTRL+SHIFT+N)
in Outlook has been improved.
* JAWS now provides greater detail about appointments that appear in the French and Spanish versions of Microsoft Outlook when you press
TAB to move from one Calendar item to another.
* INSERT+H hot key help is now available for the Macros dialog box
in Outlook.
* When multiple appointments appear in the Outlook Calendar, JAWS now announces these appointments and all associated information as you
navigate the list using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys.
* While creating an e-mail or Calendar appointment in Outlook
2007, if you jump to and navigate through Ribbon items using TAB, JAWS navigation will now remain in the Ribbons and not accidentally return to the message or appointment text. Previously, after pressing TAB a few times, JAWS would lose its navigation focus and jump to the body text. * When a layout table appears in an e-mail message, JAWS will now correctly read text in both speech and braille as you navigate into or out of the table using the DOWN and UP ARROW keys. Previously, JAWS would announce the text correctly, but the braille display would show
the last line of the table or combine several lines into one.
* JAWS now announces the recurrence and reminder flags when
pressing TAB to move through Outlook 2003 appointments.
* JAWS no longer announces an unknown function call when editing
or reading an e-mail message.
* When using Word as the editor in Outlook 2003, the braille
contents of the To field no longer automatically appear in the CC and
BCC fields in the message header.
* When viewing an all day event using the Virtual Viewer, JAWS now
correctly states that it is an all day event.
* When you open an e-mail message using Outlook Express, JAWS no
longer announces the subject line multiple times.
* You can create F1 key help messages for check boxes and combo boxes in Word forms. As you press the UP or DOWN ARROW keys to move through the form, JAWS will now announce if these form controls have
associated help messages.
* In Outlook 2007 if text is selected in the preview pane, you can
use SHIFT+TAB to move back to the folder list.
* In the Word 2007 Modify Styles dialog box, JAWS did not speak the read-only text that described Style Properties. Now, when you use the ARROW Keys to move through and read multiple lines, JAWS will read
the text.
* When you press ALT+1 twice quickly, JAWS now reads the header
field of an e-mail message instead of sending the message.
* The text on a braille display now remains when navigating by
character on a link in an e-mail message.

Microsoft PowerPoint

* When e-mailing a presentation from within PowerPoint 2007, JAWS correctly announces the header edit fields, such as To, CC, and Subject,
as you press TAB to move through the fields.
* The color can be selected in the Format Background dialog box in
PowerPoint 2007.
* The INSERT+F1 help messages have been updated to include
information about all slide layout types.
* The INSERT+1 keyboard help for the SPACEBAR and BACKSPACE keys
in PowerPoint is now correct.
* The Custom Labels option is not available in PowerPoint and no longer appears in the Adjust JAWS Options dialog box for PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word

* When enabled, Navigation Quick Keys let you quickly and easily move through a Word document. For example, you can press H to jump to the next heading in a Word document, P to jump to the next paragraph, and G to jump to the next graphic. JAWS 10 will now automatically turn off Navigation Quick Keys when you open a Ribbon, menu, or dialog box in Word. In previous JAWS releases, Navigation Quick Keys would remain on until toggled off using INSERT+Z, or turned off using the Navigation
Quick Keys option after pressing INSERT+V.
* When you move by word through the edit fields of a form using CTRL+RIGHT ARROW or CTRL+LEFT ARROW, JAWS correctly announces the entire
word instead of the first character of the word.
* JAWS no longer double speaks when moving through items in edit
combo boxes in Word 2003 documents.
* JAWS will now turn off table coordinates for braille in Word
* JAWS correctly announces color information for text and borders
in Word 2007 documents.
* When a table contains only one column, JAWS now announces
information about the table when the document window gains focus.
* When typing in the edit field of the Bookmarks dialog box in
Word 2007, JAWS no longer reads text from the beginning to the current
cursor position as you type characters in the edit field.
* In JAWS 10, you can once again type accented characters in a
Word document.
* When you select a text box in Word, the cursor now appears in
the top left corner and is ready to read.
* When you use the UP or DOWN ARROW keys to read a Word document by line, JAWS no longer announces "new line" when you reach the end of
the current line.
* JAWS now speaks the correct message when using the Find Next
(CTRL+PAGE DOWN) and Find Prior commands (CTRL+PAGE UP) for bookmarks
and objects.
* When moving by line using the UP or DOWN ARROW in a Word form,
JAWS no longer announces form fields twice.

Mozilla Firefox

* Now, when running Gmail(tm) in Firefox 3.0.5, JAWS correctly
announces edit instead of frame when you navigate into the edit fields
of a Gmail message header.
* JAWS now recognizes screen controls for subscribing to RSS feeds when using Firefox. You can correctly use the TAB to navigate between RSS feed controls without having to toggle off the Virtual Cursor with
* JAWS now announces font attributes when you press INSERT+F while
using Gmail to create an e-mail message.
* When you save a Web page using Firefox, JAWS no longer echoes
the word and sentence as you are typing individual characters.
* JAWS correctly reads combo boxes that appear in Firefox
* JAWS can now locate and use the Flash player buttons when
playing sample audio in an audio book at
* In the Skim Reading dialog box, JAWS will read the New item in
the Rules History combo when it gains focus.

Mozilla Thunderbird

* JAWS will now enter Forms Mode when you navigate to the message
body window in a new e-mail message.
* When you press TAB to move into the body of an e-mail message,
the Virtual Cursor turns off so that you can type text.

Windows Live Messenger

* JAWS now announces incoming conversations, requests, and history
information for Windows Live Messenger.

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