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  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:40:44 -0700

Regular html. You know like to use it for a programs page. I got my home page up and running. But I need help with the other page. Please write back.

Jose Lomeli
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I would be glad to help, but I want to know what you need first. Whgat kind of HTMl are you trying to learn?
Nimer J

Nimer Jaber wrote:
Hello; Listers, I am new to this list. I need help. I am trying to =
create a programs page for my website. Problem is I don't know too much =
html. Can someone help me? Please write back.
Jose Lomeli

PS If you guys are wondering what the deal is, I sent this because Jose's email bounced for some reason. It's strange. I am the list owner.

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