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Hello. To creat a link you use the <a anker tag followed by the word href the 
then the quote marks followed by he url followed by 
close quotes followed by the > sign and some words discribin the  link. An 
example is
consider donating to the cause.</a>

wich is a real link on my website.

That shouldget you started a bit. To view my website and its sorce, just don't 
use any of it, is at


Sarah Alawami
Check out my music page at
Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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Hello; Listers, I am new to this list. I need help. I am trying to =
create a programs page for my website. Problem is I don't know too much =
html. Can someone help me? Please write back.
Jose Lomeli

PS If you guys are wondering what the deal is, I sent this because
Jose's email bounced for some reason. It's strange. I am the list owner.

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