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Sounds to me like an Obama lover wrote that.  You know, I never saw anything
in there about her special needs child.  I never saw anything about how the
main stream media is attacking her family.  People hate her because she is a
family person and unlike all the political people in this country, her
family, either money wise or other wise is more important to her than
political office.  The plititions who hate her are the same reasons she
would have done a good job.  At least she's not spending more money that she
don't have Like our president.  At least she's not letting the media change
her beliefs like most politicians do.  


I find it funny that people who bend to the media and political beliefs are
people who we should support, but people who stand for what they believe are
people who we are supposed to not support.  I find it funny that our country
is headed for hell in a hand bag, and people are more concerned with Mikle
Jacksons death and why Sarah resigned then where our president is leading
us.  People are more concerned with these 2 than they are the fact that the
stimulus package has more people out of work than there were before it was
put into action.  Now that they have spent all that money we didn't have to
spend, they want to do it again.  The media wants' us to focus on Sarah and
Mj and all these other things they keep throwing out while dictator Obama
runs his and their adjenda.  


I have always stood behind all of our presidents before, but I'm sorry, this
time I can't.  Even a large part of the people who voted for him are
changing their minds.  Mr. Bill wasn't as liked as much as many think
because of the media, but at least he didn't lead us into ruin.  




Have a good day.


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I understand--believe me!


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Hi All,


It's hard to learn that anyone you think you love is less than you need them
to  be.  That's the case with Governor Sarah Palin I'm afraid!



As many of you know, I loved Richard Nixon throughout all of my youth and
well into adulthood.  Nothing said about Mr. Nixon: that he had shifty eyes:
that he was a dirty campaigner; that he was stuffy; that you wouldn't buy a
used car from him etc. etc.  None of these observations mattered to me by
penetrating my emotional attachment to his political and even personal
success.  It took a bitter war and a nasty scandal and a heap of arguments
to get me to see the way--and yet I still possess just a residue of
affection for him.


I'm sure that what's below won't change any minds, but it is informationally
substantive I hope and therefore worthy of consideration even by those of
you who love Sarah Palin.  I really do understand!


I'm grateful, as usual, for the time you take  to what's below and responses
are always welcome!


Warm Regards,









True, I would never vote for her let alone encourage her, but it's still sad
to see someone hoping for the White House stumbling instead toward the
political "Out" House!


There are, after all, worse circumstances than being a one term governor or
a governor who was defeated for re-election.  Defeated one-term governors
such as James K. Polk of Tennessee have been elected president.  Polk,
elected Tennessee's Governor in 1839, was defeated for re-election in 1841
and again in 1843.


Defeated vice presidential candidates in the 20th Century: 

--  have been appointed Chief Justice of the United States (Earl Warren,
Thomas E. Dewey's 1948 running mate); 

-- have been nominated for President of the United States (Robert Dole,
Gerald R. Ford's running mate in 1976, and Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter's
losing Vice President in 1980); 

-- have served as Ambassadors (as did Henry Cabot Lodge, Nixon's 1960
running mate); -- have served as Secretary of State (as did Edmund Muskie,
Hubert Humphrey's second in 1968); 

-- or, finally, have served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
(Jack Kemp, Dole's political team-mate in 1996. Kemp, of course, possessed
star billing even before Dole's 1968 election to the U.S. Senate.)


Defeated vice presidential candidates have even made television commercials
as did Bill Miller, Barry Goldwater's 1964 running mate.  He made a "Do You
Remember Me?" commercial for American Express in the late 70's or early
80's.  William Edward Miller the son of a Lockport, New York factory floor
sweeper, also holds two other distinctions.  He was among the prosecuting
attorneys at the Nuremberg Nazi War Criminal Trials in the late 1940s.  He
also is the only Roman Catholic the GOP has ever nominated for high national


The point is, it's no disgrace to be a defeated candidate for the second
highest office in the land. Thomas A. Hendricks of Indiana, the defeated
vice presidential candidate in 1876, became VP under Grover Cleveland in
1885.  More dramatically, the Democrat's vice presidential candidate who was
defeated in 1920 was a dapper gentleman named Franklin Roosevelt, yet he
became President four times -although most of Governor Palin's constituency
continuously disparage  that happy historic reality!  To have been
nominated, even by the smallest party, is an honor.  Think of it this way:
how many people do you know who have even been considered for high national
office?  What a defeated vice presidential candidate can't afford however is
to add dereliction of duty to political defeat. Governor Palin's
announcement that she's leaving her office with more than half her term to
go amounts to exactly that.  Even if her most devoted supporters will
forgive her, it's certain that her fellow GOP presidential candidates in
2012 won't.


In her press conference announcing that she will be turning the affairs of
the people of Alaska over to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell at the end of
the month, she gave two reasons.  The first was the high cost, in both time
and money, to successfully defend herself against frivolous law suits filed
by those not as interested as she is in the well-being of either Alaska or
America.  Her second reason was that her pledge of independent leadership
and her decision not to seek a second term as governor would place her in a
"lame duck" political category thereby diminishing her effectiveness to the
people of Alaska.


Listening to her rather rambling presentation, I couldn't decide whether she
was energetic or hysterical.  Even if I were to grant that she was merely
energetic, her assessments still lacked specificity and she spent much of
her time on ideological bromides while attacking the media and her
ideological opposition.  Sarah Palin, while seemingly on the offensive, was
ultimately on the defensive.


As Harry Truman used to say: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the
kitchen."  Obviously, Governor Palin can't stand the heat. Whether she's
getting out of the kitchen, however, only time will tell.


If Governor Palin is as wholesome for the people of her state and nation as
her political opponents are bad for both, then it seems to me that she's
doing her current and future constituency a double disservice.  Mrs. Palin
wasn't a "lame duck" and thus less effective politically until she herself
started energetically or hysterically (take your choice) imposing "lame
duck-dom"  on herself,  cinching it tighter with every word.  I find her
constituency politically unpalatable, but they are a legitimate and mostly
honorable constituency.  They only want to be led and loved -- and it's so
sad that Saucy Sarah has let them down.


For the record, it should be noted that Virginia's John Tyler resigned his
House Seat in 1821 and his Senate seat in 1836 and yet he became President
of the United States.  Ah! But he achieved that lofty position via the vice
presidential road.  That, it would seem, is Mrs. Palin's only potential path
to presidential glory.  In order for her to travel that route once again,
another future GOP presidential candidate would have to be as brave or
foolish as John Sidney McCain III.  Do you suppose there are any likely
takers?  If so, you're a braver supposer than I am.





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