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Wow, this is soooo cool. I'm glad Gw micro and Hims are making success.


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*GW Micro Announces New Products and Developments at CSUN 2009

*GW Micro continues to lead the way with exciting new products
developments being announced during the CSUN Conference at the
Angeles Airport Marriott from March 18 through 21. If you are
CSUN, we invite you to visit with us in Booth 314.

*Window-Eyes 7.01 Features

*The Window-Eyes 7.01 feature set is extensive: Scripting,
Enhanced Control Search, Unicode support, iTunes, Firefox 3,
language announcement, Eloquence and more. We are very excited
these features, and are continuing to demonstrate them. In
addition, the
power of scripting is being exhibited with the new WE4Java
script, by
Jay Macarty.  WE4Java provides comprehensive support for Java
applications without using additional third party add-ons.

*Preview of Window-Eyes 7.1

*We are previewing Window-Eyes 7.1, which will include full
support for
64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
systems. We are also demonstrating Window-Eyes on Windows 7,
64-bit versions of Windows 7. In addition, Window-Eyes 7.1 will
many enhanced Braille features (including line mode, and speech
mode), enhanced support for standard edit boxes (including 100%
accuracy), several new scripting related features (such as a new,
customizable script menu, the ability to add menus in dialogs,
update checking, and more), and support for Internet Explorer 8
Thunderbird 3.


*Two Exciting New Products

*GW Micro is also announcing two exciting new products - Book
Sense, a
portable digital audio book player, and Braille Sense Plus
new version of the Braille Sense Plus, featuring a standard
keyboard and
Braille display.

*Book Sense*

The new portable digital audio book player, Book Sense, lets
access information for education, information, and entertainment.
Students can access school textbooks, people in the workplace can
current with journals or business magazines, and anyone can enjoy
newspapers, favorite novels, or a bestseller.

With a comfortable feel when held in your hand, Book Sense is
very easy
to use. Weighing only four ounces (115g), it is portable and
and easily fits into a shirt pocket, backpack, or purse, so you
can take
it anywhere.

Two models are offered - Book Sense and Book Sense XT. Both
models play
audio files, DAISY content, Secured-Digital (SD) memory card
slot, and
built-in recorder. The media player supports a variety of
formats, such
as MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, WAX, MPC, and WMA.

The Book Sense model features an SD memory card with 1 GB of
Book Sense XT has internal 4GB storage memory, built-in
Bluetooth, and
an FM radio.

With Book Sense, you can access digital talking books from
such as Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D), the National
Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS),
BookShare, and

Book Sense makes it simple by utilizing the USB port to connect
to your
PC to transfer downloaded books and music directly to the Book
Sense XT
or to an SD memory card for use in either model.

The book reader mode supports several file formats, including
txt, rtf,
doc, docx, html, xml, and brf.

Pricing for Book Sense will be decided soon and shipping will
later this year.

*Braille Sense Plus QWERTY

*In response to people who have asked for a notetaker with a
keyboard, GW Micro listened and developed the Braille Sense Plus
Now you can type on a standard keyboard and also have a Braille
in a notetaker that is still small and portable.

Equipped with 32 Braille cells and speech output, the Braille
Sense Plus
QWERTY weighs only two lbs (924g), so you can carry it without
experiencing shoulder pain from lugging a heavy laptop or

It has 8GB of built-in memory and allows you to have plenty of
for all the files you download using the built-in WI-Fi or
connection. There is 128MB of RAM for quick response time. The
VGA Port
allows you to have a conversation with a large group using an
monitor or projector. It also has one SD slot, one CF slot, two
ports, and a user-removable battery. It also has built-in

GW Sense Navigation (SenseNav) wayfinding is available as an
option for
anyone who travels.

Pricing for Braille Sense Plus QWERTY will be decided soon and
will start later this year.

*Sense Navigation Rebate Promotion

*GW Micro is also announcing a special CSUN promotional rebate on
SenseNav. Anyone who purchases SenseNav at the retail price of
between now and the end of March will receive a $150 rebate.

SenseNav version 1.3, released in December 2008, is the GPS
add-on for
the GW Micro Sense notetakers, which include the new Braille
Sense Plus
QWERTY being introduced at CSUN, along with Voice Sense, Braille
Plus, and Braille Sense Original.

SenseNav consists of an 8GB CF card containing every file you
need to
travel the U.S. or Canada. Other countries are available. A CD
that may
be used in your computer or audio CD player is included. The CD
an audio tutorial, the user manual in text format, and other
files.  You receive the Holux M-1000 receiver with AC adapter and
custom-carrying case.

To obtain your $150 rebate, just submit your receipt for the
purchase price of $1,549 along with your request for the rebate,
and GW
Micro will provide a check to you. Send your request and receipt
to: GW
Micro, 725 Airport North Office Park, Fort Wayne, IN 46825.

*GW Micro and Lexmark Offer Easier Accessibility*

Users of GW Micro's Window-Eyes screen-reading software and Sense
notetakers will now find it easier to use Lexmark's Multifunction
Printers (MFPs) thanks to Lexmark's Accessibility Solution.

In the past it has been difficult or impossible for blind or
people to access LCD screens on multi-function copiers. Due to
collaboration between GW Micro and Lexmark, we are making Lexmark
accessible to blind and visually impaired consumers.

The web-based software lets you set up and complete copy, fax,
ftp and scan jobs directly from your PC or notetaker, rather than
the MFP touchscreen display.

The software works with GW Micro's Window-Eyes, Voice Sense,
Sense, Braille Sense Plus, and Braille Sense Plus QWERTY.

You now have access to almost every setting and option available
Lexmark's MFPs to ensure that you can accomplish equivalent tasks
those completed directly from the touchscreen. You can control
more than
120 settings/options, change accessibility application display
like font size and foreground/background colors, and check the
status of the MFP.

Lexmark and GW Micro are demonstrating the Accessibility Solution
in the
GW Micro booth 314 at CSUN.

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