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ZoomText Express is Released!

Magnification and screen enhancement software for eyestrain relief
Picture of a butterfly

Ai Squared is proud to announce the release of ZoomText Express - a
simple and affordable solution to computer eyestrain that magnifies
everything on screen up to 2x.
As a user of the full ZoomText product, we recognize that ZoomText
Express may not fulfill your personal needs. But as a dedicated
ZoomText user, you understand how a lighter version of ZoomText could
help a family member or friend finding it a little more difficult to
read text on their computer screen. If you know someone who squints
and leans forward to read email, web pages and other information on
their computer screen, then ZoomText Express is the perfect solution
for them.
ZoomText Express helps relieve the stress and strain of computer use
by providing a gentle boost of magnification (up to 2 times), making
everything on screen larger and easier to read. In addition, the
mouse pointer and text cursor are adjustable, so they are easier to
find and follow. A variety of screen tints reduce glare and improve
contrast, thus enhancing the clarity of text and graphics.
Picture of the ZoomText Express box
* Domestic English Edition (US and Canada)
* Electronic Download: $49.99
* Boxed product: $59.99 (plus shipping)
* International Edition
* Electronic Download: $69.99
To learn more about ZoomText Express, go to
ZoomText Express can be ordered, downloaded, installed and running in
a matter of minutes.
If you know someone who could benefit from ZoomText Express, please
share this information with them!
Your friends at Ai Squared

Ai Squared Manchester Center, VT (800) 859-0270


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