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Subject: Public Servants (Parliament) and Private lives / Also -
Subject of Legalizing Suicide
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 13:19:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Jeffrey Spetch <beyond_ultimate@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Public Servants (Parliament) and Private lives / Also - Subject of
Legalizing Suicide

Ok I'll begin with the subject of legalizing suicide / Euthanization.

Lets say it has been made legal as long as you sign documentation of
consent. Well someone puts a gun to your head and says sign this paper
of Euthanization consent. Of course they get away with murder but
since you signed the document and it is legal murderers get away with
murder. Of course it is too late to bring up in a court of law that
you had a gun to your head and how is anyone ever to know the wiser.

Oh and lets say this presumed consent of organ donation becomes
legal, not only are you murdering people, your selling their organs
and making money from it.

Is society really that blind to even ponder such ... I find it
pathetic that I seem to be stuck on a globe full of idiots, but I do
care which is why I do what I do.

Ok secondly I'll address the issue of public servants and private

When people / general public vote for representatives of parliament
they are not voting for the most dedicated spouse of the year, or Ms.
or Mr. congeniality, parent of the year or or even role model of the

That is right when people vote, the issue obviously is what the
candidates propose to bring to the table to effectively do their job
as a vote winner / Member of Parliament on Federal or Provincial
levels or even City Council.

But hey to no surprise the media seeks to increase public interest by
desperately scrambling to make what is into what they would rather it
be to obviously suit their own selfish motives and in this case it is
obviously blubbering for attention by making anything the issue that
leads to public confusion or hype to sell their magazines, news
papers, radio / television broadcasts etc.

If someone that no one has even heard of or even has a resume runs
for office and they champion their campaign with flying colours which
leads to victory then it is only a matter of time before how effective
they do their job is revealed and if they do their job exceptionally
well then it obviously does not matter what they do with their own
personal life. If they get carried away then we have laws to be
enforced and if anyone is behind bars then they obviously can no
longer be effective period.

If a person gets voted into office and kicks butt generating jobs,
increasing the economy, reducing crime or corruption for us all etc.
(for example) then why is it even a question that because they cheated
on their spouse puts their job in jeopardy? Oh ok, I see those within
the media or run media venues want to see people in office that are
not effective as long as they don't cheat on their spouse, as long as
they do not smoke pot etc.

I find it pathetic that I seem to be stuck on a globe full of selfish
greedy life bashers who's main concern is making revenue for their
business of exploitation of private lives over having concern for the
abilities of what these people voted in bring to the table, but I care
which is why I do what I do.

Well out of time once again, hope you enjoyed the read.

David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
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