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Cartoon by Nate Beeler
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*Cash For Clunkers Means 'Ca-Ching' for Detroit*
by Froma Harrop
- Comment on the column
This is what I told my friend Frank: Under the "cash for clunkers"
program, you could get more money for your '93 Mercury Grand Marquis
than it was worth - up to $4,500 if you used it to buy a new vehicle
with much better gas mileage.
"What would they do with the Merc?" Frank asked.
"Throw it in the hopper," I responded.
"You mean, destroy it?"
No way. The big red Marquis was his steed - swift as Secretariat,
companionable as Mr. Ed. Would Roy Rogers let Trigger be ground into
But when Frank saw how quickly others grabbed the deal - the $1 billion
Congress allocated for the program was used up in a week - he thought
again. He may have another chance, if the program is extended, which, as
I type, seems very likely.
Cash for clunkers could be the least glamorous stimulus program ever
devised - and among the best designed. It is Temporary (lasts until Nov.
1 or when the money is gone), Targeted (helps Detroit and, with it, the
industrial heartland) and Timely (the stampede to the showrooms ...

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