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This afternoon, Freedom Scientific posted another free update to JAWS 10 release. This was a very minor adjustment addressing a few issues outlined below. If you did have problems with the Check for Updates feature installing the build 1139 update several weeks back, you may wish to just go to the JAWS Download page and download the full version and install over top of your current version 10. If the check for updates worked well for you the last time, you should be able to use it
again now and get this latest patch.

The following is a list of items addressed between the JAWS 10.0.1139
update and the JAWS 10.0.1142 update.

* The Yahoo Instant Messenger.jss script file has been updated and included in JAWS 10 to provide support for the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger 9. Make sure to download the latest Yahoo! Messenger for full
compatibility with JAWS 10.
*       The message history in AOL Instant Messenger and the e-mail
messages in the Gmail Inbox are now visible to JAWS. Previously, the virtual buffer would appear to be blank if you tried to read message
history or Inbox messages.
*       When navigating through the Gmail Inbox, you can once again
select and open an e-mail message by pressing ENTER when focus is on the text in the Subject column. In a previous release, it was necessary to turn off the Virtual Cursor or use the JAWS cursor to open the e-mail
*       Resolved an issue related to certain Web pages with frames,
which, when updated, created a situation where JAWS would not read the text present in the updated frame. This problem was reported for both Gmail and the Webinar software used by the Freedom Scientific Training
department for the new Webinars
both free and paid, now being offered.
* The default JAWS dictionary file (default.jdf) has been updated
to include the correct pronunciation of two Russian symbols.
*       In the JAWS help file, the Using the JAWS Cursor topic now
describes the Real Window and the Focus Window restriction options that are available for the JAWS Cursor. Previously, this topic only mentioned
the Application Window, Current Window, Unrestricted, and Frame

Eric Damery
Vice President, Software Product Management
Freedom Scientific Inc.
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