blind_html [GWN] Product Demonstration at Visions Services for the Blind in NYC

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Hi all, this looks pretty cool.

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<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Product Demonstration at Visions Services for the Blind in NYC</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><P><P>Greetings,</P <P>The following event has been posted to the <A HREF="";>GW Micro Upcoming Events</A> page:</P Name: Product Demonstration at Visions Services for the Blind in NYC<BR
When: Tuesday, April 14, 2009<BR
What: Product Demonstration<BR>Who: Jeremy Curry<BR>Comments: Be one of the first to get a look at the latest products from GW Micro, including the Book Sense and Braille Sense Plus QWERTY.<BR><BR>The Book Sense is the size of a small cell phone, and plays audio books, such as NLS, Audible books, Bookshare, and more. Listen to the audio demonstration at Then, come to our presentation at Visions Services for the Blind to get your hands on this fascinating unit.<BR><BR>The Braille Sense Plus QWERTY is the newest in the very successful product line of Sense notetakers. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 8 GB of memory, and much more. Sendero GPS is also available as an option with SenseNav for Sense notetakers.<BR><BR>Along with these two new products, come and see the latest advancements in screen reading technology by checking out the latest version of Window-Eyes. <BR><BR>Or, if you are partially sighted, you will enjoy seeing the SenseView magnifiers, including the SenseView Duo, which provides both close-up and long-distance viewing.<BR><BR>The demonstration will start at 6 P.M. (EDT) on Tuesday, April 14 at the following location:<BR><BR>Visions Services for the Blind (Located at Selis Manor between 6th and 7th avenues in New York City)<BR>135 West 23rd Street<BR>New York, NY 10011 <BR><BR>To register for the free demonstration, please go to, or call Rad Mazon at 1-888-625-1616, Ext. 721.<BR></BODY></HTML

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