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Hi all,

MAGic version 11 update 2 has been released. This is a free update to
anyone running MAGic 11. There are several major enhancements in this
version. Some of these are:

MAGic 11 for 64-bit Windows Vista

Sixty-four-bit versions of Windows Vista are now supported. Whether you
are using MAGic 11 Professional, MAGic 11 Pro Scripting Edition, or
MAGic 11 Standard, you can now install and run MAGic to provide
magnification and speech support in 64-bit Windows Vista.

RealSpeak Solo Direct Synthesizer

MAGic 11 now supports the RealSpeak Solo Direct synthesizer. This new
synthesizer works exclusively with Freedom Scientific products and
consists of over 40 voices in more than 20 languages. Go to
RealSpeak-Solo-Direct-Downloads.asp for voice samples and download
links. If you're a Jaws user and already have RealSpeak direct installed
MAGic will recognize these and use them.

Enhanced Support for Microsoft Outlook

Support for Microsoft Outlook has been greatly improved. It provides
improved performance and easier access to Calendar appointments, link
announcements, address fields, and much more. You can quickly adjust
your MAGic preferences in Outlook using the new Adjust MAGic Options
dialog (MAGic Key+O).

ARIA Live Region Support

Live Regions are a new way of updating content on web pages without
having to reload the entire page. Firefox already supports this and
Internet Explorer 8 will when it's released. MAGic now fully supports
Live Regions.

MAGic Demonstration Version

The MAGic demo and full version have been combined into 1 download. If
you wish to run MAGic as a demo install it and click the "Run as Demo"

ITunes 8

MAGic now supports ITunes 8.

Firefox 3

MAGic now fully supports Firefox 3.

Download Links

There are 2 ways to get this update. You can use the Check For Updates
feature in the Hemp menu of the MAGic window. You can also download it
directly and install over the top of your current MAGic 11. This method
is recommended. If you ever need to install MAGic again you can simply
install the updated version. You don't need to have the earlier one
installed first.

The direct link for the 32-bit version is

The direct link for the 64-bit version is

Danny Keogh
Quantum Technology

Regards Steve
Email:  srp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
MSN Messenger:  internetuser383@xxxxxxxxxxx
Skype:  steve1963

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