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Subject:        call this one a history of 20th century leftism in the US
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(history lesson)
The "Judas syndrome"...why liberals love to betray America

Posted on: March 10th, 2009

The "Judas syndrome"...why liberals love to betray America

Posted by thekeenobserver on Monday, March 09, 2009 3:42:08 PM
Ah the paradox that is Barack Obama:

He has stubbornly refused to acknowledge the triumph of the 2007 surge in Iraq, but is now
calling for an "instant replay' of that wildly successful strategy
in Afghanistan... (quote) "There may be some comparable opportunities in the region," Mr. Obama

So he has decided to employ his "outreach" strategy and write a love letter to the 'moderates'
in Taliban-land. Too bad it wasn't a month earlier. Mr.
Obama would have been able to include a valentine card.

So all of a sudden, we're to kiss and make up-- forget that the Taliban has been providing Osama
bin Ladin with safe harbor, and that the Taliban professes
to be perhaps the hardest of the hard core factions of any Muslim extremist group that exists.
So no moderates need apply.

Of course liberals are always doing paradoxical things to surrender to the enemy. They would
rather appease than take a stand. And appeasement is provocative--it
invites attack. And time and time again, history has proved it.

Remember that long forgotten organization, "America First"? America First-ers were the group
that ran Wendell Wilkie as their anti-war candidate vs. Franklin
Roosevelt in the 1940 election.

This once-influential leftist group, headed by Charles Lindberg as its unofficial spokesman,
sought to appease and surrender to a sworn enemy of America
---the Nazis! They were hard-core isolationists-- vehemently opposed to any involvement with the
goings-on in Europe in the late 1930's.

When the war clouds were gathering back then, it was Lindberg who unilaterally took it upon
himself to send out "peace feelers" to Germany. He had arranged
an audience with Herman Goering, the ever-pompous and arrogant chief of the Nazi Luftwaffe (air

Goering decide to make a pigeon of the naive Lindberg, and "revealed" to him fake plans of
"experimental" German planes, such as a six-engined massive
German bomber, with a 6000 mile range, supposedly capable of bombing America's Eastern coast,
and then return safely to the Fatherland.

Lindberg meekly returned home with grave reports of Nazi military superiority --that the U.S.
could never catch up-- and that America must at all costs
avoid the coming war in Europe, should it occur.

Yes, like a liberal deer in the headlights, Charles Lindberg was blinded by fears of Hitler's
supposed invincibility. And like Neville Chamberlain, he
had in as much declared "peace through weakness". And reports of America First's near-treasonous
activities in the United States that had filtered back
to Germany, proved to be instrumental in Hitler's surprise declaration of war on America three
days after Pearl Harbor
Which brings us to England's capitulation to Hitler in1938.

Neville Chamberlain was your classic liberal appeaser. He had served as British Minister of
Health from 1924 to 1929. After he become Prime Minister in1937,
he too surmised Hitler as invincible, and called for an appeasement foreign policy, culminating
in the signing of the infamous Munich Pact in 1938, selling
out Czechoslovakia to Germany, and along with that --the Skoda Works.

The Munich pact enabled Hitler to realize his most coveted European objective-- Czechoslovakia's
famed Skoda Works. It was the worlds largest armaments
factory; it produced heavy guns for the Nazi navy; heavy mortars and the fearsome M-42 machine
guns for the Wermacht (German army), as well as locomotives,
aircraft, ships, machine tools, steam turbines, and equipment for Germany's power utilities.

The Skoda Works gave Hitler and the Nazis their amazing armament capability to literally take on
the entire world, and hold them at bay for the first four
years of the war.

Nice job, Nev.

And the world will never forget (or forgive) Chamberlain for his calamitous "containment" policy
of Germany, that in 1939, culminated in the official declaration
of the Second World War.

Even after WW2, the liberals were at it again, working their devilish best to capitulate to
America's enemies. This time it was Julius and Ethel Rosenberg-America's
favorite historical couple.

The Rosenbergs--who were the duo complicit in passing our original atomic bomb secrets to the
Soviets between 45-47-- arguably could be stated as the cause
that emboldened Stalin to close off 1948 Berlin, because he now held an equal hand in weaponry.
Thus Stalin attempted to squeeze the Allies out of East
Germany, thanks to the dastardly liberal deeds of Julie and Ethel Rosenberg. But Truman's famed
Berlin airlift foiled everything.

Next on the liberal "most-wanted" list was Alger Hiss, who viewed spying against his home
country as little more than 'youthful idealism', and who would
be convicted of a only a minor charge (lying under oath) for the small infraction of
surrendering America's hydrogen bomb secrets to Russia, and prolonging
and escalating the cold war for another 35 years!

Arguably, the damage from Hiss changed the course of world events (for the worse) more than any
other individual in American history.

And were it not for the ultra rightist, Senator Joe McCarthy, who knows how many more communist
sympathizers could have been organized into a faction and
possibly seized control of the democratic party, just as the liberal leftists in congress have
done today.

If it hadn't been for McCarthy, there may have been no John F. Kennedy as president, but instead
a radical democratic socialist candidate (ala' Obama) opposing
Richard Nixon in1960. And after the leftist attitudes from the Vietnam era in late 60's had
taken hold, this ultimately led up to the election of another
liberal apologist-- Jimmy peanut-farmer Carter.

For many years after World War II, the U.S. intelligence forces had done their job well. The CIA
had succeeded in stalemating the KGB during the early
Cold War years .But then came the election of Jimmie Carter in 1976, and the rise of Senator
Frank Church.

Carter, like all liberals, believed in being "fair". On September 7, 1977, President Jimmy
Carter signed a Treaty with Panama 's strong man, Omar Torrijos,
to transfer the Panama Canal to Panama, and it became one of the most heated treaties ever
debated in the Senate. With a two vote margin, the transfer
agreement was passed in 1978, thanks to the Senate lobbying of Frank Church.

And presently, our good friends the Chinese are seeking to aggressively expand in the isthmus
country, and already own a major interest in port operations
on the east and west sides of the canal. So in the event of war, the U.S. navy might be cut off
from reaching our east and west coasts.

But Panama was but the least of Carter's disastrous liberal legacy.

1977 also can be noted as when Carter made one of the most ill-conceived presidential decisions
of all time: He issued an executive order that placed all
nine U.S. intelligence agencies under one man: CIA Director Stansfield Turner; and If anyone
wishes to seek the origin of the 9-11 attack, a good place
to start would be right here.
In October of 1977, Turner decided to curb many of the clandestine practices that had brought
the CIA much of its criticism from the liberal members in
Congress, which were led by Idaho Senator Frank Church. In the" Halloween Massacre" of '77,
Turner circulated an Oct 31st photocopied memo informing 800
CIA staffers (mostly Republicans) of their dismissal. To the joy and disbelief of our enemies,
word spread quickly around the spy community that the U.S.
had decided to delegate its intelligence priorities to non-human means, such as satellite
observations and listening posts.

It has been noted by many historians that..."Stansfield Turner has been the single worst senior
appointment in US history... and..."In eliminating virtually
all human intelligence on the ground, he put the U.S. at a strong disadvantage, especially in
the Middle East and Afghanistan."

Now 32 years later, can any one dispute this most-scathing of historical criticisms?

Whatever his intentions, what Carter (and Turner) accomplished amounted to aiding and abetting
the enemy, which resulted in our humiliation in Iran in
the 1979 hostage crisis, the Russian war in Afghanistan in1980, and the bombing of our marines'
barracks in Lebanon in1982

And thanks to the liberal insanity of Jimmy Carter's dismantling of the CIA, we've lost control
of our destiny in the Middle East-- giving impetus to the
revival of Islamic fundamentalism-- and ultimately, gave rise upon the world's stage to all of
Islam's most infamous stars...Khomieni, Arafat, bin-Laden,
Akmadinejad, and untold others -- including the 20 airliner hijackers who were responsible for

Yes; the liberals--upholding the biblical inspiration of Judas--have always been seeking ways to
betray the one who's been good to themStheir homeland-the
United states of America!

And next in line to wear the mantle of betrayal was another leftist America-hater, the
convicted spy, John Walker, who sold top-secret classified Pentagon
information to the Soviets for 18 years. Among the secrets were keycodes being used by American
ground troops fighting in Vietnam , and details about the
Navy's most sophisticated nuclear submarines.

Since 1969, Walker had worked as a radio operator on a Navy supply ship (a job that gave him
easy access to Pentagon keylists). And had the Cold War ever
escalated to the real thing, the Soviets, knowing the locations of all American nuke subs, would
have been able to destroy them all within days.

But what if there had not been any bleeding heart liberals around during the20th century? Had
Lindberg and Chamberlain not been the men of their time,
there may have been a European warS but a World War II? And had it not been for the Rosenbergs
and Alger Hiss, would there have been the 40-year Cold
War? And were it not for John Walker, the latter half of the Vietnam war could have taken an
entirely different course-- United states may have actually
triumphed by the early 70s.

And of course without Carter in the Whitehouse in 76-80, who knows? The entire mess in the
Middle East, culminating in 9-11 may never have taken place.

But through out our history, whenever liberals have had their chance to deliver a black eye to
their homeland, they're of the mindset..."There! That's
what you racist, bullying, militaristic, imperialist, expansionist, United States
of America!"

The point is, liberals ALWAYS want to give our enemies the benefit of the doubt, figuring that
even if they ARE liars, America (in the parlance of Michelle
Obama) is a downright mean, racist country, and deserves not her status as a free prosperous
nation, because it was built upon the backs of "oppressed"
people, and foreign, "jingoistic" imperialism.

And to make a counterpoint: In modern American history, has a conservative ever been known to be
a traitor to America 's best interests, either at home
or abroad? Is liberalism some kind of insidious cultural disease? Or are certain individuals
born with it-- an organic physiological affliction-- a sort
of "left" brain vs. "right" brain type of thinking?

Only God knows for sure.
But with the situation America faces on the foreign front, and with a Marxist-socailist
anti-president running things on the homefront, America will need
God's help more than ever to get us out of this one.

www.keenobserver.blogtownhall.comFlash movie end

© 2008 All Rights Reserved.
Ray T. Mahorney

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