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Subject: [VINUX] Vinux 1.32 test release and VMware Vinux 1.31 image released!
Date:   Tue, 10 Mar 2009 12:00:31 -0700 (PDT)
From:   drbongo <tony.sales@xxxxxxxxxx>
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To:     The Vinux Development Forum <vinux-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Ald0 and drbongo are happy to announce the release of a test release
of Vinux 1.32, which now features three beeps when the live CD boot
prompt is ready and cheat-codes for a large number of serial Braille
displays.  There is a text file on the CD listing all of the supported
models and languages. You simple have to type in the model and
language codes without a space e.g. 'alde' for an Alva in German etc.
This is not a public release, just an exclusive preview for members of
the Vinux Development Group. Thanks to Ald0 for all his hard work on
getting these features working.

The other announcement is the availablility of a pre-built VMware
image of Vinux 1.31 which will run as a virtual OS in Windows. It
comes in the form of a self extracting executable, this contains a
read me file which explains how to install VMware and run Vinux as a
guest OS. This is provided by Mobeen Iqbal from the Royal National
College for the Blind. This will be released to the public via the
softpedia downloads page. The URL's of the images and md5sums are
below: (not for
public release)
(public release)

Have fun,


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