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Subject:        [VINUX] Roll Your Own Vinux 1.4 Updated!
Date:   Thu, 26 Mar 2009 12:56:24 -0700 (PDT)
From:   drbongo <tony.sales@xxxxxxxxxx>
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To:     The Vinux Development Forum <vinux-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

1. Download and run the Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) mini.iso from -,
burn the .iso image to a blank CD, boot the Live CD and follow the on-
screen instructions. When you are asked what services you wish to
install choose the Ubuntu Desktop option and leave all of the others

2. Add the Remastersys Repository to the Software Sources List: deb ubuntu/ and
reload the package information. Or download the package from here -

3. Remove applications to make room for accessibility applications:
Type 'sudo apt-get remove gimp gimp-data gnome-games gnome-games-data
gnome-cards-data ekiga f-spot tomboy transmission-gtk transmission-
common vinagre vino tracker tracker-search-tool tracker-utils xsane
xsane-common ubuntu-docs gnome-user-guide example-content ttf-arabeyes
ttf-arphic-uming ttf-indic-fonts-core ttf-kochi-gothic ttf-kochi-
mincho ttf-lao ttf-thai-tlwg ttf-unfonts-core bluetooth bluez bluez-
alsa bluez-cups bluez-gnome bluez-gstreamer' (Then remove Residual Config
Files using Synaptic: Navigate to Status - Not installed (residual
config) and remove everything that is listed)

4. Next install the new accessibility packages: Type 'sudo apt-get
install remastersys yasr compizconfig-settings-manager lynx urlview
joe mc irssi mutt alpine tpp ncftp units e3 mpg123 pdmenu partimage
festival flite sound-icons xzoom xbindkeys xbindkeys-config vlock
testdisk sysv-rc-conf sc netrik nautilus-open-terminal 9menu alsa-oss
aumix calcurse ttf-tiresias xkbset autopsy dcfldd foremost scalpel
sleuthkit gddrescue wipe ddrescue backup-manager'

5. Fix lynx home page problem: Type 'sudo gedit /etc/lynx.cfg' and
change the line which contains the word 'ubuntu' to
or a local offline copy of this page and folder e.g. '/etc/firefox/'

6. Adjust volume settings: Set Master, PCM and Front volume settings
to maximum, set line and mic input volumes to 50% and mute them.

7. Disable 'repeat keys' in the Keyboard Settings GUI and change the
cursor to a DMZ White and Large.

8. Enable Mousekeys -  Open the Accessitive Technologies item on the
Preferences menu, click on 'Keyboard Accessibility' and enable
'Pointer can be controlled using the keypad'

9. Create Welcome message using 'sudo espeak -w /usr/share/sounds/
ubuntu/stereo/dialog-question.wav "Welcome to Vinux - Please type your
username and password"' and then open the Login Window application
from the Adminstration menu and enable 'Accessible login' and check
'login screen ready'. Don't enable Autologin.

10. Create login keyring in Passwords and Encryption Keys>  Edit>
Preferences, make sure you use 'login' as the name and 'vinux' as the

11. Run the Zenity focus patch: Install patch, by typing 'sudo apt-get
install patch' then download the patch to your home directory from - Then
use 'sudo patch -p0 /usr/share/zenity/<  zenity-2.24.0-
focus.patch' to run the patch.

12. Create menu entries for useful console apps such as lynx - web
browser, joe - text editor, mc - file manager, irssi - irc client,
mutt - e-mail client, alpine - e-mail client, ncftp - ftp client,
units - conversion tool, e3 - text editor, pdmenu - menu generator,
partimage - partition imager, sc - screen-reader, netrik - web
browser,  aumix - audio mixer, calcurse - calendar/todo list, testdisk
- disk recovery, photorec - file recovery, autopsy - gui for
sleuthkit,  wipe - secure file deletion,  backup-manager - backup tool

13. Set Firefox homepage to or a local online copy
of this page e.g. '/etc/firefox/'

14. Open the Software Sources application and enable all four of the
Ubuntu repositories.

15. Configure YASR: Type 'sudo gedit /etc/yasr/yasr.conf' then change
'key echo=off' to 'key echo=keys'.

16. Configure PulseAudio: Type 'sudo adduser vinux pulse-rt' to get
real time access to the PulseAudio sound server.

17. Configure brltty: Type 'sudo gedit /etc/default/brltty' into a
terminal, find the line which reads 'RUN_BRLTTY=no' and change it to
'RUN_BRLTTY=yes'. Then type 'sudo gedit /etc/brltty.conf' into a
terminal and uncomment the following configuration settings by
deleting the # at the beginning of each line: #braille-driver auto #
autodetect, #text-table en_UK # English (United Kingdom), #contraction-
table en-uebc-g2 # Grade 2 #Unified English Braille Code, #screen
driver lx #Linux and #speech-driver auto # autodetect.

18. Configure Orca: Type 'orca' into a terminal, accept all of the
defaults and activate everything except the Braille monitor. Log out
and back in again and when Orca starts open the preferences window and
choose desktop mode, enable 'Present Tool Tips', enable the 'Disable
gksu keyboard grab', enable 'Start Orca when you login', enable 'Quit
Orca without confirmation', enable 'Speak objects under mouse', set
the voice rate to 60, set Punctuation to 'Some' and enable 'Echo by
Sentence'. Then enable the magnifier, hide the 'System Pointer',
enable the Orca 'Cursor', disable 'Cross-hairs', enable 'Invert
Colours' and then apply changes and disable the magnifier. Next setup
the following keybindings:

        Increase Voice Rate: insert+right
        Decrease Voice Rate: insert+left
        Increase Voice Pitch: insert+up
        Decrease Voice Pitch: Insert+down
        Toggle Magnification On/Off: insert+m
        Increase Magnification: insert+(equals)
        Decrease Magnification: insert+(minus)
        Invert Colours: insert+i

19. Enable Orca support for applications that run with root
permissions: Firstly Type sudo visudo into a terminal, find the line
which reads Defaults env_reset and then add the line Defaults env_keep
+="GTK_MODULES" underneath it. Press Ctrl+X then Y to save and exit.
Next create an .orbitrc file for the root account by typing 'sudo su -
root' then typing the following four lines exactly as they are written
into a terminal one at a time:

        cat>  ~/.orbitrc<<  EOF

20. Modify the Gnome panel menu launchers for applications run as
root: Open the System>Preferences>Main Menu application and make the
following changes:

Authorisations: polkit-gnome-authorization

Create a USB Startup Disk: sudo usb-creator (application in terminal)

Hardware Drivers: sudo /usr/bin/jockey-gtk (application in terminal)

Hardware Testing: sudo /usr/bin/hwtest-gtk (application in terminal)

Install: sudo ubiquity (application in terminal)

Language Support: sudo /usr/bin/gnome-language-selector (application
in terminal)

Login Window: sudo /usr/sbin/gdmsetup (application in terminal)

Network Tools: gnome-nettool

Printing: system-config-printer

Remastersys: sudo /usr/bin/remastersys-gui (application in terminal)

Remastersys Grub Restore: sudo /usr/bin/remastersys-grub-restore gui
(application in terminal)

Services: services-admin (application in terminal)

Software Sources: gksu --desktop /usr/share/applications/software-
properties.desktop /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk

Synaptic: sudo /usr/sbin/synaptic (application in terminal)

System Log: sudo gnome-system-log (application in terminal)

System Monitor: gnome-system-monitor

Time and Date: time-admin

Update Manager: sudo /usr/bin/update-manager (application in terminal)

Users and Groups: users-admin (application in terminal)

Add/Remove Programs: sudo /usr/bin/gnome-app-install (application in

21. Add the Orca time, date and weather customizations script and set
appropriate keybindings.
Download the script form here -
or generate a new one
here: and place it in /
Read Time: insert+t
Read date: insert+d
Read Battery Power: insert+a
Read weather: insert+w (Need to put the weather code in speech marks
if it contains letter and numbers)

22. Create, Show or Hide some menu entries:


Internet - Connections: nm-connection-editor

Universal Access - Enable 3D Magnification: compiz --replace, Disable
3D Magnification: metacity --replace


Universal Access - onBoard

Preferences: File Management, Multimedia Systems Selector, onBoard

Accessories: Archive Manager, File Browser

Programming: Python(v2.5)

Sound and Video: Volume Control

System Tools: Configuration editor, Gdebi Package Installer, New
Login, Root Terminal

23. Configure Gnome Keyboard Shortcuts: Open the 'Keyboard Shortcuts'
application on the preferences menu and add the following:

        Open Terminal: ctrl+shift+t
        Open Home Folder: ctrl+shift+h
        Toggle Maximise Window: ctrl+shift+m
        Toggle Fullscreen Mode: ctrl+shift+f

24. Configure Xbindkeys by running xbindkeys.config and entering the
following commands and shortcuts. Then add xbindkeys to sessions in
the system preferemces menu.

        orca: ctrl+shift+o
        gnome-terminal -e yasr: ctrl+shift+y
        compiz --replace: ctrl+shift+3
        metacity --replace: ctrl+shift+2

25. Configure desktop themes, wallpaper and fonts: Change the theme to
Crux, All fonts to size 12 bold and have a plain black background.

26. Configure Compiz 3D Desktop Keybindings by opening the
CompizConfig Settings Manager. Disable any animations or unnecessary
3D effects, enable the all of the accessibility features and then set
the following keybindings.

Zoom In: win+z (win+left-mouse)
Zoom Out: win+x (win+right-mouse)
Zoom Selected Area: (win+middle-mouse)
Zoom x1: win+1
Zoom x2: win+2
Zoom x4: win+3

Toggle Magnifier Box: win+m
Zoom In Magnifier Box: ctrl+left-mouse
Zoom Out Magnifier Box: ctrl+right-mouse

Resize Window: win+r
Zoom To Window: win+w

Pan Right: win+right
Pan Left: win+left
Pan Up: win+up
Pan Down: win+down

Lock Zoomed Window: win+l

Centre Mouse Pointer: win+c
Toggle Highlight Mouse Pointer: win+h

Toggle Invert Colours: win+i
Toggle Invert Window Colours: shift+win+i
Toggle Filter Colours: win+f
Toggle Window Filter Colours: shift+win+f
Switch Filter Colours: win+s

Decrease Window Brightness: win+(minus)
Increase Window Brightness: win+(plus)
Decrease Window Saturation: shift+win+(plus)
Increase Window Saturation: shift+win+(minus)
Toggle Dim Inactive Windows: win+d

27. Empty the trash, delete all entrys from the .bash_history file and
save it and then delete the Recent Documents list.

28. Copy everything from the home directory including hidden files
into /etc/skel and change ownership to root.

29. Create remaster: Type sudo remastersys dist into a terminal and
after about 20-30 minutes or so your new live CD image called
Custom_Live_CD.iso will be waiting for you in the /home/remastersys/
remastersys directory.

30. Mount the iso using Isomaster (sudo apt-get install isomaster to
install it) and replace the original isolinux.cfg and isolinux.txt
files with the modified versions which include the Serial Braille
Display cheat codes and the system bell signal at the boot prompt.
These are available here: and then download the list
of cheat codes from here:
and place it in the top level of the ISO image, then remaster the iso
image calling it Vinux-1.41.iso
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