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Subject:        Teacher's Guide for Braille Sense Plus Training
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As we posted to our website earlier, the Braille Sense Plus online training was held earlier today. We have archived the audio of the Braille Sense Plus training at </braillesense>. Look for the link that says, “Online Training Session 1.” If you want to save the audio, you can right-click (or press the Context menu key), and select Save As. The file is an MP3, so it can also be played on the Braille Sense or any MP3 player. You can also stream the audio from our website.

For teachers and trainers, I have created a worksheet based on today’s training. This is a series I expect to expand in the future for the Braille Sense Plus as well as our other products. You can access the files at </teachers>. You will notice there are two files for the Braille Sense Plus. One of them is a worksheet, and the other file contains the answers to the worksheet. The worksheet is designed to be used in conjunction with today’s training class. This is an easy way for you to learn about the Braille Sense Plus quickly and easily, as well as a good way to test your student’s knowledge.

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Jeremy Curry

Training Division Manager

GW Micro, Inc.

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