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 Thought this would be useful!

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 Take the frustration out of phone trees

You probably gave family members a few tech gifts. Maybe you got a few tech gifts yourself.

If so, you'll probably spend the next few days figuring them out. And you may have to call tech support.

Calling companies these days can be an exercise in frustration. You have to navigate complex phone trees. You have to sit through menus and press buttons.

Well, there's a better solution. You can use Fonolo. Start by entering the name of the company you want to call. Fonolo says it has hundreds of companies in its database.

Then, select the department you'd like to reach. Finally, enter your phone number. Fonolo will call the company and navigate the phone tree. You'll be connected to the exact department you want!

I know many are skeptical about giving out their phone numbers online. But Fonolo says it uses them only to complete calls.



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