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No need for playing, you're absolutely right!

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Subject:        In honor of Lisa
Date:   Fri, 13 Mar 2009 11:33:31 -0500
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Let's debate abortion.

My stance is, it's more of that fastfood responsibility and
accountability. All of us go through hard times and shitty life, so the
argument of rape should be an excuse to kill someone is out. Carry the kid
then give it up. I really believe this is why illegitimacy is so out of
control as well... because it's an option. People fuck, with the thought
that if anything happens they can simply abort the process, but when it
comes down to time to actually doing it, no one has the balls to go through
with it. The argument of "my body, my right," is pretty failsafe, but that
should extend to doctors who don't want to do them... or communities who
don't want to host abortion mills. It shouldn't be illegal to refuse an
abortion clinic and perfectly legal to have one. To extend that, the
argument of, "Then women will use hangers and kill themselves trying," too
bad. shouldn't have spread your legs. a few minutes of ecstasy isn't
worth your life or that of your unborn kid.

anyone wanna play?

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