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 Fred's Head Companion - American Printing House for the Blind

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Website and Blog for Returning Veterans <>

Posted: 28 Apr 2009 12:10 PM PDT

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has launched its “Returning Veterans” Website to welcome home Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts with a social, Veteran-centric Website focusing on their needs and questions.

The Website will feature videos, Veteran stories, and a blog where Veterans are encouraged to post feedback. The site also will restructure the traditional index-of-benefits format found on other VA pages into question-based, categorized, and easily navigated links by topic. This will allow Veterans to find benefits of interest easily and discover related benefits as they explore.

Click this link to visit <>.


You Can be a ConfidentReader <>

Posted: 28 Apr 2009 11:26 AM PDT

ConfidentReader is an assistive reading software package, designed to help persons with dyslexia to improve both their reading and spelling skills.

The software converts electronic text into speech using a natural-sounding voice, allowing persons with dyslexia to bypass difficulties with text processing issues, while providing them with the capability to obtain written information through sound. The software reads electronic text, speaks what is written, and highlights the material in order to assist the person with associating the sounds they hear with the visual information they are seeing. There is a typing echo feature which recites text back to the person automatically by letter, word, or sentence, so that mistakes in typing are heard and may be corrected immediately.

Click this link to learn more at <>.


No More Phone Books Please! <>

Posted: 28 Apr 2009 10:21 AM PDT

As a person who is blind, one of the most wasteful things that gets dropped on my porch is the print phone book. I don't know about the rest of you, but my phone book goes right into the trash. I can't read it and I don't have any furniture that needs to be leveled or is missing a leg, so out it goes.

I hate simply throwing something away, but I have no use for a print book of telephone numbers. I'd like to stop the phone company from sending it to me so I wouldn't have to toss it out. is an organization working to educate consumers and promote the green movement to eliminate the unsolicited delivery of the Yellow and White Pages. This site is aimed at starting a national movement to solicit the White/Yellow Pages industry to proactively stop the delivery of books or to begin moving legislation to mandate this activity. This is similar to the National No-Call Registry that has stopped the unwanted solicitation calls to consumers.

Click this link to learn more about <>.


Achilles International <>

Posted: 28 Apr 2009 09:55 AM PDT

Achilles International is a worldwide organization that encourages persons with disabilities to take up running and participate in races with the general public.

The organization, headquartered in New York City, provides aspiring athletes with coaching, training sessions, encouragement, technical expertise, logistical support, and race entry fees.

From its beginning in New York City, the organization has evolved into Achilles International, with chapters throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Norway, Mongolia, Japan, Ecuador, New Zealand, Russia, and South Africa. Achilles International accommodates athletes with many types of physical limitations including (but not limited to): blindness and visual impairment, deafness and hearing impairment, Cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, Multiple sclerosis and those with traumatic brain injuries. Achilles team members have competed on crutches, on tethers (for blind runners), in wheelchairs, on artificial limbs and sometimes with no aides at all.

By enabling the disabled to participate in mainstream athletics, Achilles International has, throughout its 26-year history, been one of the vanguards making sports and recreation more accessible, enhancing the personal achievement and self-esteem of countless athletes with special needs. Call 212-354-0300 for more information or visit them on the web at


Opening Stages to People with Disabilities <>

Posted: 28 Apr 2009 08:02 AM PDT

Opening Stages is a quarterly email subscription newsletter published by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and directed at people with disabilities pursuing careers in the performing arts and related fields. The producer is Betty Siegel, Manager of Accessibility at the Kennedy Center.

Opening Stages has been published since 2001. Regular features include interviews with artists, perspectives on relevant issues, listings of resources, and news and notes. All issues of the newsletter are archived on <>. To become a subscriber and receive Opening Stages free of charge:

   * Click this link to email your request for a subscription to
     Opening Stages along with your name, email address and snail mail
     address to access@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   * You can also mail the same information to:

     Accessibility Program
     Opening Stages
     The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
     2700 F. Street, NW
     Washington, DC 20566-0001

   * Fax your request to: 202-416-8802

If you do not want to receive your newsletter via email, you can request a hard copy and receive it in large-print or Braille.


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