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Hi listers. For those of you who have been searching for an inexpensive accessible MP3 player, the following post, which I received on another list, should be of interest:

Hello everyone,

We have several models of Sansa portable media players which have been
set up with Rockbox, making them talking players and completely

The menus are spoken as are the folders and filenames. You can find
out the time and date with the press of a few buttons and find out the
battery charge level easily. The battery charge lasts a long time, up
to 20 hours on a charge.

These players play MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, AIFF, WAV, and
more. They have FM stereo with plenty of presets, and you can record
from either the radio or from the built-in mike. You can expand the
memory by using microSD or microSDHC memory cards. They also have
great bookmarking capability. They come up just like a regular USB
flash drive, and you can just copy and paste folders and files into
them. There's no need for media management software and the
accessibility problems inherent in most of those.

They come completely set up and talking right out of the box. The
package will include the player, earphones, and USB/charging cable. A
quick-start guide and Rockbox manual for the player will be included
on the player itself as will be a couple of utilities for use with the

We also offer several accessories for these players, including a
leather flipcase, a wall charging unit, and several microSDHC memory

Our prices start at $41.99 for a 2 GB model, and all of our players
are less than $100.00. We have 2GB, 4 GB, and 6 GB models. Shipping
and handling is free to the US and Canada, and international orders
are just $9.99 extra for priority mail shipping. We offer at least a
90-day replacement warranty.

Click the links in my signature for more information. If you should
have any questions after checking out the website, you can contact me

Best regards,

Need an accessible talking portable media player? We have several
models available starting at just $41.99 for a 2 GB model! Play MP3,
WMA, OGG Vorbis, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, and more. Record from FM radio
and built-in mike.

* SanDisk Sansa E260 media player with 4 GB

* SanDisk Sansa E270 media player with 6 GB

* SanDisk Sansa C250 media player with 2 GB

* Check out a special temporary offer here:


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