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Subject: BAH Some Product Information About The ForthcomingBook Sense From GW Micro
Date:   Thu, 26 Mar 2009 10:44:20 -0400
From:   Lisa <whitedove621@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To:       blindAccessHelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To:     <blindAccessHelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> We have found the following information on their new Book Sense on the GW
> Micro website.
> We've also learned that it will use the Neo Speech Kate voice.
> The new portable digital audio book player, Book Sense, lets users access
> information
> for education, information, and entertainment. Students can access school
> textbooks,
> people in the workplace can stay current with journals or business
> magazines, and
> anyone can enjoy newspapers, favorite novels, or a bestseller.
> With a comfortable feel when held in your hand, Book Sense is very easy to
> use. Weighing
> only four ounces (115g), it is portable and powerful and easily fits into
> a shirt
> pocket, backpack, or purse, so you can take it anywhere.
> Two models are offered ? Book Sense and Book Sense XT. Both models play
> audio files,
> DAISY content, and have an FM tuner, Secured-Digital (SD) memory card
> slot, and built-in
> recorder. The media player supports a variety of formats, such as MP3,
> MP4, OGG,
> WAV, WAX, MPC, and WMA.
> The Book Sense model features an SD memory card with 1 GB of storage. Book
> Sense
> XT has internal 4GB storage memory and Bluetooth capability.
> With Book Sense, you can access digital talking books from providers such
> as Reading
> for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D), the National Library Service for the
> Blind and
> Physically Handicapped (NLS), BookShare, and Audible.
> Book Sense makes it simple by utilizing the USB port to connect to your PC
> to transfer
> downloaded books and music directly to the Book Sense XT or to an SD
> memory card
> for use in either model.
> The book reader mode supports several file formats, including txt, rtf,
> doc, docx,
> html, xml, and brf.
> Pricing for Book Sense will be decided soon and shipping will start later
> this year.

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