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Subject: BAH Press Release: Freedom Scientific and theSendero Group Announce Collaboration
Date:   Wed, 11 Mar 2009 12:15:49 -0400
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> On the Road to Better Navigation
> Freedom Scientific and the Sendero Group Announce Collaboration
> (St. Petersburg, Florida - March 10, 2009) - Freedom Scientific, the
> world's leading producer of technology for people who are blind, has
> announced a joint
> development project with the Sendero Group, world leaders in GPS
> navigation technology that takes into account the unique needs of blind
> people.
> Jonathan Mosen, Freedom Scientific's Vice President of Blindness
> Hardware Product Management, says the benefits of this cooperation
> will be evident for
> all to see and use by mid-year.
> "We've raised the bar very high for a major new release of our
> StreetTalkT GPS navigation software for PAC Mate Omni," Mosen said.
> "Customers have asked
> us for enhancements such as a virtual mode, intelligent pedestrian
> routing, and other blindness-specific features. The combination of
> the Sendero Group's
> technology and the powerful, intuitive StreetTalk user interface will
> deliver the best accessible GPS solution available, and all on the
> indispensable
> device that never leaves the side of an increasing number of blind
> people. Plus, it will be a single application that will install
> quickly and easily.
> I've been using this product as the development has continued, and,
> as a user, I'm delighted with the results."
> President and CEO of the Sendero Group, Mike May, has welcomed the
> relationship.
> "We recognize that PAC Mate OmniT is the device of choice for many
> blind people in employment and education. We're pleased that our
> technology will assist
> PAC Mate Omni users to know what's around them and reach their
> destination, whether that be on foot, public transport, or when in a
> car being the co-pilot
> for a sighted driver," May said.
> The new StreetTalk VIP, retaining the familiar StreetTalk look and
> feel but powered by the Sendero Group's GPS technology, is expected
> to be released in
> the middle of 2009. An upgrade for existing StreetTalk users will be
> available.
> It will also be demonstrated in Jonathan's PAC Mate Omni presentation at
> the
> CSUN conference,
> from 9:20 to 10:20 AM on Wednesday morning in the St. Louis Room at
> the Marriott.
> For more information ,including a full pricing schedule, please visit
> the StreetTalk VIP Web page.

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