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Why don't I trust this?

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Subject:        BAH IBM Looks To Secure Banking With USB Stick
Date:   Wed, 11 Mar 2009 18:17:48 -0400
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> No word on accessibility at this point.
> IBM Looks To Secure Banking With USB Stick
> IBM's Zurich research laboratory has developed a USB stick that the
> company says
> can ensure safe banking transactions even if a PC is riddled with malware. > A prototype of the device, called ZTIC (Zone Trusted Information Channel),
> is on
> display for the first time at the Cebit trade show this week. IBM hopes to
> entice
> banks into buying it for online banking, which saves banks money on
> personnel costs
> but is constantly under siege by hackers.
> When plugged into a computer, ZTIC is configured to open a secure SSL
> (Secure Sockets
> Layer) connection with a bank's servers, said Michael Baentsch, product
> manager for
> BlueZ Business Computing at the Zurich lab.
> ZTIC is also a smart-card reader and can accept a person's bank card for
> verification.
> Once a PIN (personal identification number) is verified, a transaction can
> be initiated
> through a Web browser.
> Web browsers, however, are a point of weakness for online banking because
> of so-called
> man-in-the-middle attacks. Hackers have created malicious software
> programs than
> can modify data as it is sent to a bank's Web server but then display the
> information
> the consumer intended in the browser. As a result, a person's bank account
> could
> be emptied. Man-in-the-middle attacks are also effective even if the
> bank's customer
> is using a one-time password generator.
> The ZTIC, however, bypasses the browser and goes directly to the bank. It
> ensures
> that the data exchanged is accurate. For example, say a bank customer
> wants to transfer
> money. The customer will input US$100 into a form in the browser. The
> bank's servers
> will then try to confirm the amount. During a man-in-the-middle attack,
> the attacker
> is capable of transferring $1,000 but can modify the confirmation message
> to still
> show $100. Since it has a direct secure connection with the bank's
> servers, the ZTIC
> will show the amount that actually has been requested to be sent. So even
> if the
> browser shows a confirmation for $100, the ZTIC will show $1,000,
> indicating a man-in-the-middle
> attack in progress, Baentsch said. The user would know to reject the
> transaction
> and press the red "x" button on the ZTIC. "If malware is attacking your
> online banking
> transaction, it will show you something strange has happened," Baentsch
> said.
> IBM expended a lot of effort to figure how to initiate an SSL session
> within a USB
> stick, Baentsch said. It takes some processing muscle, and since the USB
> runs independent
> of the PC, it does not have access to the computer's processor.
> ZTIC uses a chip from microprocessor designer ARM, and the software has
> been designed
> so it can quickly establish a SSL session, Baentsch said. Although it is a
> memory
> stick, no data can be stored on it, which also prevents malicious software
> from infecting
> it.
> Using ZTIC would also prevent phishing attacks, where a fraudulent Web
> site tries
> to elicit sensitive details from a user, and pharming attacks, where DNS
> (Domain
> Name System) settings have been tampered with, Baentsch said. ZTIC checks
> to ensure
> that the Web site has a valid security certificate.
> IBM has internal figures on how much the ZTIC might cost for banks, but
> Baentsch
> wouldn't reveal them, saying that it would depend on the final design
> specifications
> of the ZTIC and other factors.

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