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Subject: Are I and my fellow veterans being asked to sacrifice for our country
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Are I and my fellow veterans being asked to sacrifice for our country
again ?
Veterans groups have ‘grave concerns’ on health bill

Six high-profile veterans groups are raising objections to the House
healthcare reform bill, warning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)
that it could jeopardize the care of millions of veterans.

Citing “grave concerns,” the groups are urging Pelosi to modify the
House bill. If changes are not made, the veterans groups say they
actively oppose the measure.

In a letter to Pelosi that was obtained by The Hill, the groups state
“the legislation could limit the health care choices for veterans,
increase the cost of health care for veterans, deny coverage to
dependent family members of veterans, and threaten the quality of
health care offered to veterans through the VA health care system.”

The groups that signed the letter are the Disabled American Veterans,
Blinded Veterans Association, Vietnam Veterans of America, Jewish War
Veterans of the USA, American Veterans (AMVETS) and the Military
of the Purple Heart of the USA.

The letter notes that the Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
provides medical services to millions of veterans and the quality of
care “has risen to amongst the finest health care systems in the

“Unfortunately,” the letter states, “as currently drafted, H.R. 3200
fails to adequately recognize, protect or preserve this invaluable
system for our nation’s 24 million veterans.”

The groups also want the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to continue
running the healthcare system offered through the Department of
Veterans Affairs and not be “infringed” upon by any other healthcare
organizations or administration departments.

“By virtue of their service and sacrifices, veterans have earned
special benefits that are separate and in addition to benefits the
government provides to other citizens,” the six groups wrote to

The groups stress that any national health reform legislation “must
make certain” that all veterans, including those enrolled in the VHA
system, remain eligible to enroll in any other public or cooperative
health insurance program.

The final reform bill “must make clear” that veterans’ spouses or
children have access to the public or cooperative health insurance

A spokesman for Pelosi said that Democrats remain committed to
veterans and their needs.

“As the legislative process moves forward we will work with all
stakeholders on healthcare reform,” said Pelosi spokesman Nadeam

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