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Subject:        Adult humor
Date:   Thu, 11 Dec 2008 12:12:17 -0600
From:   Christina <dulasmomma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To:       Blind-chit-chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ole is out on the farm plowing the back 40 when
suddenly he
needs to empty his bladder. He jumps off his tractor, drops his pants, and
to relieve himself.
Poor Ole....he doesn't realize that he's peeing on a hornets nest buried in
field until he is surrounded by a swarm of angry, wet hornets and he gets
stung multiple
right on his tallywacker. By golly, this really hurts so Ole runs like the
to the farm house and calls the Doctor.
Ole says, 'Hey Doc, I was just out back plowing ya know, when I had to pee
by golly I peed right on a hornets nest, and they stung me right on my junk
and she
burns something terrible'. 'What can ya do to help me there Doc'?
The Doctor replies, 'Well now Ole, if I was you, I'd stick my tallywacker in
a bowl
of warm buttermilk'. 'It should relieve the swelling and stop the burning'..
what I'd do.
So by now, Ole's unit is swollen up to un-believable proportions. So he
pours himself
a bowl of buttermilk and lays his hurtin' body part in the bowl.
Enter Lena
Lena looks at Ole with his member laying in the buttermilk. She pauses for
a moment,
looks Ole squarely in the eye and says 'Ya know there Ole, we've been
married for
nearly 50 years now, and I never could figure out how you re-loaded that

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