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  • Date: 9 Jul 2011 12:02:26 -0000

On Sat, 09 Jul 2011 00:41:56 +0530  wrote
>I believe there is an xml editer in the web plugin for eclipse.

Eclipse is quite accessible with Jaws. If you ever venture out of

Windows into another operating system like Unix, Linux or Mac, you

might try the xml modes for Emacs using Emacspeak. High learning

curve though, be careful. Then again, Eclipxe can have a high one too

until you get the hang of it.

Alex M

On 7/8/11, darshan  wrote:

> Hi All,


> Would like to know which is the most preferred XML editor for a visually

> impaired individual.Have gone through a couple of them like XML Spy, XML

> Mind, Edit Plus. And these editors are pretty tough to navigate and get the

> desired results using a screen reader like JAWS or NVDA.


> Can use basic editor like M S Word or Notepad but it makes life difficult as

> there is no support for tree structure, does not support basic XML catalogs

> nor can they compile.


> Any help is much appreciated.


> Cheers,


> Darshan


Hello alex,

Thank you for the info. 


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