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Thanks for the information. I didn't find an e mail address for Prentice Hall, is there another way that i can get this book in electronic format? I already baught the book from a local book store that sells books to colege students. Could there be something that i can use to boster my argument for more books to become available in electronic format right after the book is published? That is really where i'm trying to go? Thank you for any information that you might have. ----- Original Message ----- From: <stewart_1@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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You could try to join bookshare.org and they have many books .txt-ed. If you're in college anywhere in the USA you get your membership free. Just contact them and let them know.

As noted you can contact the publisher's directly but they mostly work through bookshare. I'm teaching US history and my attempts to work with Pierson's have gone poorly. They just don't work well with the blind community; and I'm faculty! I'd hate to see how little they might do for students. :P


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You can always email the publisher or join a mailing list for ebooks.

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Hi, my question is how can i actually get in touch with the publishers of books to see if they have electronic versions of the books available from the beginning? This is the question that i have because i'm taking classes this term and i want to make sure that i have access to the textual material in the books at the same time that my sighted counterparts do. Is that too much to ask and it could definiately cut down on having to depend on rfbd because they are a good place but because they don't have a great number of volunteers who are knowledgable about certain subjects and the fact that it takes a year at the least before a book is completed. What choices do we really have.

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well publishers should be made aware of blind people and eletronic texts.
like i am doing a online it course from http://www.oten.edu.au, and had to ahve a e book, provide remote help desk support.
so as that was out of print, was able to get an eletronic pdf copy.
my two cents worth.

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