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When I was at university and before that at sixth form college a few of the 
lecturers were concerned but they got passed it and I did well. 

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Agreed, but considering I had a 3.8 GPA and he was the Chair I didn't know 
what else to do. My advisor Dr. Stern tried to go to bat for me but she got 
removed from all her committees and relegated to survey courses for her 
trouble. :P

I was just curious if this was unique or other had similar issues. Sounds 
like you had something similar, and I'm glad you were able to work around 
it... ;)


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> Mike,
> I think, we, as individuals with visual impairments, will always deal with
> others who have old views.  We just need to learn how to deal with them. 
> I
> had a similar experience when I student taught, but somehow I made it
> through.
> Sharon Clark, NJ TVI
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> Thanks,
> My first question is, does anyone on the list have any experiences with
> accessibility issues with teachers? I don't mean that the possible 
> adaptive
> procedure/equipment isn't available...but have they been unwilling to
> provide them in the first place?
> I ask because I ran into real trouble at the University of North Texas
> (where I got my MA) regarding becoming a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the
> History dept. You can't become a Teaching Fellow (TF) without being a TA
> first. TA's assist professor in the grunt work of teaching; grading tests,
> taking attendance, etc while TF actually teach survey level courses. I got
> the "He's blind so he can't teach" crap from the Department Chair. Oh, not
> to my face but I heard it from most of the other faculty.
>    Why does it bug me? Because without any TA/TF experience getting a
> teaching job is REAL tough. Sure you have the degrees but if you have no
> experience on the college level they don't want to risk hiring you.
>    Fortunately Tyler Junior College was willing to take a risk on me and
> let me teach...and I'll always be greatful for that. But from 2005 to this
> year I was unemployed because of that idiocy.
> Anyone else have this experience?
> Mike
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>> welcome!
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>>> Hello all,
>>> Just wanted to say 'Hi' and say I'm looking forward to participating
>>> on
>>> this list. ;)
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Michael Stewart
>>> stewart_1@xxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Adjunct Professor of History
>>> Tyler Junior College


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