[blind-chess] The Philosophy of Chess

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In looking through my chess folder, I found this excerpt from a cassette book I 
had read some four or five years ago.
Maybe you will appreciate it as I do.
"The word chess is a derivation of the Persian word shah, meaning king. ... 
It's a game of war that's probably more than four thousand years old.
"It's not only a game of war. There's a great deal of philosophy in it; and it 
represents the way the world has been for thousands of years, even since
the beginning of time.
"The king and the queen, each in it's own way, have, and wield the ultimate 
power. In approximately equal portions, they use religion and the military,
the bishops and the knights, to defend whatever positions they may choose to 
take and to attack the enemies of those positions. The castles at each corner
of the board represent their crucial power and wealthin terms of lands and 
possessions. ...
"But always and forever, it's the pawns, the simple people themselves, who are 
the first to be sacrificed ruthlessly for whatever reasons seem at the moment
to be an advantage to any of the others."
excerpt from the book:
by Clair Huffaker 

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