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Hello Lewis and all,
Moving the bishop is check, but the queen blocks with Qf7.  It seems  
better to take out the queen with the knight now instead.  Additionally,  when 
you have a solution you should proceed the subject with "Spoiler Alert"  first 
in the email.
O.K. Here goes my vantage point.
1. Ne7+ if queen takes White Knight, then White captures Black Queen.
2.  If Black King goes to h8 White Knight at h rgoes to g6 check. King and 
Queen are  now both in Knight fork. f pawn takes at g6,
White Nxg6+. Black King must  move to g8 because the h pawn can't take back 
as it's pinned. Whiite Bishop to  e6 is the mate.
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Good Morning Puzzlers,
This problem is from Mario Lang's puzzle web page  at
_http://delysid.org/chess/epd.cgi_ (http://delysid.org/chess/epd.cgi) 
and is reported to be from Fred Reinfield's book "Win At Chess"  1958.
Problem WAC065
White to move
FEN Problem  Setup:
w  - - 0 1
Short Algebraic Problem Setup:
White: Kg1, Qh6, Rd1, Rf1, Bh3,  Nd5, Nh4, Pa2, Pb3, Pc4, Pd6, Pf4, Ph2
Black: Kg8, Qf8, Rb8, Rd8, Ba6, Nd7,  Ne6, Pa7, Pb6, Pc5, Pe5, Pf7, Pg6, Ph7

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