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Hi Richard and all,

I must admit that this problem gave me some problems.
As always, there is more than one choice, and I had a harder time for some 
reason determining which one would be the best move.
So whether or not I am right, I will be looking forward to Paul's analysis.

This is what I think the best move scenario is:

1. Nxd6  Nxd6
2.   Qxc6 threatening Blacks bishop
Black could respond with one of a few different moves, then white would,
3. Qxd6  Qxd6
4. Rxd6

White ultimately winning the exchange.


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  Good Morning Puzzlers,

  This problem is from Mario Lang's puzzle web page at 

   and is reported to be from Fred Reinfield's book "Win At Chess" 1958.

  Problem WAC030

  White to move

  FEN Problem Setup:
   w - - 0 1

  Short Algebraic Problem Setup:
  White: Kg1, Qc1, Rd1, Re1, Bg2, Ne4, Pa2, Pb4, Pe2, Pf2, Pg3, Ph2
  Black: Kg7, Qe7, Rb8, Rf8, Ba6, Nc4, Pa4, Pc6, Pd6, Pf5, Pg6, Ph7


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