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Hi, everyone.

Okay, here’s a stab at it.

Paul, I like your positional analysis in general.

A bit of a different take shows the following:
1.      White’s weak square is g2. There are three attackers against it and 
only the King defending.
2.      2. Black’s weaksquares are f7 and f8. You have to look past white’s 
cramped position to see this.
3.      3. As Paul said, the knight is in great position defended, as he is, by 
the pawn.
5.      What has to happen?
6.      1. For white to avoid being mated, He must equalize the attacks on g2 
if possible. This is done either through eliminating pieces by capture or 
drawing them away.
If white plays Rxf2, then
1…Qxc1+ (check), 2.Rf1 Rxg2+ (check) 3.Kxg2 (forced) Qxa3
And, white’s King is exposed and he loses his Queen.

On the other hand, check out this line.
1.Qf8+ (check)
Black has to deal with white’s preemptive strike. So,
2. Rxf8!!
It appears white has nothing. But…
2.Rxf8++ (check mate)
There you have it, mate in 2.

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