[blind-chess] Revised Ladder Standings

  • From: "R Dinger" <rrdinger@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "chess" <blind-chess@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 08:46:29 -0700

Latest Ladder Order and Player Status:

Rank Name (color) status
1 Curtis Cockayne (W) available
2 Rebecca Blaevoet (W) available
3 Jessica Grib2 (W) defending in Alverson-Grib2
4 Ginny Alverson (B) challenging in Alverson-Grib2
5 Dick McStraw (W) defending in Wallach-McStraw
6 Stan Lovell (W) defending in Zolotarevsky-Lovell
7 Edward Zolotarevsky (B) challenging in Zolotarevsky-Lovell
8 Rod Macdonald (W) available
9 Chris Chaffin (B) defending in Benson-Chaffin
10 Lewis Wallach (B) challenging in Wallach-McStraw
11 Allen Maynard (W) defending in Gieschen-Maynard
12 Paul Benson (B) challenging in Benson-Chaffin
13 Mike Gieschen (B) challenging in Gieschen-Maynard
14 Lucy Jensen (W) available
15 Randy Kruzeniski (W) defending in Kruzeniski-Jodhan
16 Kallie Swanepoel (W) available
17 Donna Jodhan (W) challenging in Kruzeniski-Jodhan
18 Alvin Blazik (W) available
19 Jeffrey Turner (B) available
The following players have vacations scheduled:
Lewis W. May 22 through May 31
Donna J. June 2 through June 5
Stan L June 18 through June 25
Donna J. June 20 through June 24
Donna J. July 3 through August 10

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