[blind-chess] Re: Policy change on other tournaments

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  • Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 20:19:14 -0400

   I fully agree that it would be better to keep all ratings completely 
separate.  Whether they be friendly or tournament games, I would rather the 
results not be shuffled back and forth.
   In this blind-chess group I have won and lost a Ladder game and won one 
friendly game, but I am not reporting them to any other group. There are too 
many varables that may cause inaccurate configuations between various groups.
   Thank you for thinking of this before the situation got to convoluted.  As 
this group becomes larger with more tournaments and participants, it may be 
better to keep this simple.


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Hi All,
In the welcome letter I sent members after the first few that joined this list, 
I stated that we would rate all games including other tournaments as long as 
both players were members of this list.
I think that will eventually lead to unsymmetrical results where tournaments 
are concerned and so I am proposing that tournament games sponsored by other 
groups either be excluded or be treated as friendly games for rating purposes.
To date only two game scores are affected by this change and I can easily 
remove the games from my records.  If I wait until there are many such games it 
will be a lot of work, so I want this decided quickly.  I will adjust the 
affected players so there is no loss in their current rating.
If you have comments or questions on this proposal please let me know right 

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