[blind-chess] Official Spring-Summer Theme Tournament Announcement

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  • Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 08:38:04 -0800

Hello Chess Players, 

You are invited to play in the 2011 blind-chess Spring-Summer Correspondence 
Theme Chess Tournament, which will be featuring the English Opening ECO codes 
A10 through A39.  The English, a flank opening, begins with 1. c4 and is the 
fourth most popular opening for White.  The English Opening is a flexible and 
dynamic choice for White, which avoids a great deal of sharp and well-mapped 
opening theory.  The English gives rise to an immense variety of structures, 
ranging from reversed Sicilians to Hedgehogs and fluid or locked central 
structures.  The English derives its name from the English (unofficial) world 
champion, Howard Staunton, who played it during his 1843 match with Saint-Amant 
and London 1851, the first international tournament.

The ECO breaks down the English into three broad categories, generally 
determined by Black, who selects one of three types of defensive setups.  
First, the Symmetrical Defense (A30-A39 in ECO), which continues 1...c5.  The 
next category is the 
Reverse Sicilian (A20 -A29 in ECO), which continues 1...e5.  The third category 
is anything other than the two continuations 1... c5 or 1... e5, classified 
A10-A19 in ECO.  In our theme tournament you will play two games in each broad 
category, once as White and once as Black.

A key feature of correspondence chess, especially when exploring new openings, 
is the fact that you have adequate time to consider each move carefully.  Since 
correspondence players typically make one or two moves a day games last two to 
four weeks giving you plenty of time to consider each move carefully and 
explore alternative lines of play.  Books and databases of games can be 
referenced during a game, but the use of chess engines is forbidden.  The more 
relaxed time pressure of correspondence chess can strengthen your analytical 
skill and ultimately improve your OTB play where time is critical.

This tournament will organize players into groups of four players by their 
ratings and will play six games in a double round robin format conducted from 
April through September.

The tournament will begin April 1 and the deadline for entering is March 30, 
2011.  The tournament is open to all blind players and we currently have 
players from the US, Canada and the UK entered.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Richard Dinger

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