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Johannes and All,
   Many congratulations to your wife for winning the OTB tournament.  It's fun 
to be able to play your spouse chess.  
   I'm not big fan of black listing.  I do believe that, sooner or later, word 
gets around and the players who are very slow to respond will become known on 
the list.
   Also a person's circumstances should be considered as they should also 
consider their own circumstances before they take on a game.  As I mentioned 
earlier, some people have complicated lives but still want to and should be 
able  to play chess.  They have to judge their own circumstances.
   What isn't fair is when a player wants to be everywhere.  For instance, if 
someone is in the Ladder tournament, their response time affects everyone on 
that ladder due to tournament stipulations.  If, for instance, player X is 
waiting for a move from player Y and sees player X is acting as a time keeper 
and  starting or playing several games in FTP tournaments, then that needs to 
be brought to someone!'s attention.
   Please understand that a player has the right to play as many games in as 
many places they choose, as long as they are able to do it all.  For me, moving 
once a day in 80% of a game is tedious.  But there are times when that just 
can't be helped. 

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General suggestions and remarks:
1. If you need to claim a game on time, it is always helpful to have copies of 
the e-mail you sent and received.  Having receipts that your opponent actually 
received and read your mail will also not hurt your case.

I want to suggest that we keep a black list of players with known time 
violations. Perhaps with a condition to be removed from that only if such a 
player complete 3 consecutive games in a timely manner.

It is all about commitment and priorities, I'm so committed that I'm teaching 
my wife to play so we can spend time together, smile.  BTW: she won the prize 
for the best female player at a recent over the board tournament, she was the 
only lady.

Visualization and time management also help, I make time to read my mail and if 
the game is not to complicated I can answer it with out feeling my board, 
Saving the time of packing a board.  Unfortunately this method has a price, 
once you made a blunder, the mail is gone, out, and you will probably lose the 

Finally, it's very annoying if you have an e-mail in your sent items and your 
opponent does not answer, saying "I thought it's still your turn to move".

Well, thank you all for a great chess mailing list.

With kind regards




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  I appreciate what you say, but on some days, I go to bed at 10, get up at 5, 
get home from work at 5, check on the family and so on, eat, do more work, and 
on some days, it's almost 10 again. So I like the 24 hour thing and the grace 
period of some reflection days, because in my situation, it's hard to play two 
games at the same time, and I use one board. I've almost totally cut out 
playing games in chat rooms because I want my wife to know I actually know who 
she is. <grin>




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