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I like the name "team chess:.

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Hello Richard and all,
The concept is wonderful.  Please, sign me up to play.  I suggest another 
name that makes more sense.  How about we call this "Team Chess" instead.

Hello Players,
I am uncertain how to organize the Mentor or Collaborative chess concept 
that Carol proposed earlier this month.  Since some may be uncomfortable 
themselves "mentors", I am proposing that we consider a name such as 
"Collaborative Chess" as an alternative.
The general idea is that a team of two players collaborates while playing 
either another team of two or an individual player.  The collaborating 
discuss their position and agree on a move and hopefully why.  While calling 
this Collaborative Chess gives a less formal feel to Carol's idea, I think
any such discussion will help both players even if they are of similar 
The following are a few proposed rules and ideas (in no particular order), 
please post any comments or propose changes and additions you think 
1. A list of collaborating players will be maintained and sent out 
2. To avoid confusion, one player is designated as the official contact for 
sending and receiving moves.
3. Games are not rated.
4. The higher rated player will act as the mentor.
5. Some sort of tournament could be arranged if there is interest.
6. A team of two can play an individual.
7. Maybe some games could be annotated and posted afterwards.
8. Time controls may have to be lengthened to 48 hours a move.
9. Other?
As regards mentoring in general, I suspect the mentoring process should be 
organized in some fashion.  Since I am not an educator, I am uncertain how 
should do that.  Could some of the list's professional educators suggest 
some approaches of how the mentoring process could be done effectively, what 
focus on and so forth.

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