[blind-chess] Re: Is thi advertisement legal in our group?s

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To All,

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Pharis.  This is highly inappropriate and can 
lead to a very contagious  virus referred to as FREE advertising.  It can also 
attract those who primarily use this site for their own personal advantage who 
may not even know what the word "castle" means.

I do, however, personally feel it should be all right to mention a New or 
undiscovered item's description, address and critique but only if an individual 
is selling, for example, a recorder, Jaws, a Victor player they may own but not 
use, etc. it should be all right to give to someone else to purchase at a 
reduced and very fair price, or even give it away.  Why should something not be 
used that can help another?
I believe this is a much different situation than Mr. Pharis has brought to our 
attention.  Again, I completely agree with what I believe to be his sentiment.

Thank you for listening.


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Rule for Blind Chess
4. Advertising is strictly forbidden. You may announce chess related products, 
but the message subject must include the word 'announcement'.
# My question is: Is the following advertisement which appeared earlier in one 
of the emails to Blind Chess legitimate? 

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