[blind-chess] Doctor Z: looks good to me re: Spoiler Alert Problem BWTC429

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Hi Edward,

Looks correct to me.

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Hello puzzlers,
Doctor Z is ready to operate. My solution:
1. Qxh6+ (Queen takes pawn checking king.)
1. -Kxh6 (King takes queen.)
2. Rh5+ (forcing move) gxh5 (Pawn takes rook.)
The black king is trapped at h6. The white pawn at f6 covers the g7 square. 
Black must take rook. Since the white pawn at g4 protects the rook at h5, the 
black king cannot take the rook. Therefore, the black pawn must take the rook. 
Now, the white bishop covers the g6 and h7 squares.
3. g5++ (The white pawn at h4 protects the g5 pawn. The white pawn at f6 covers 
the g7 square.)
1. -Kg8 (only escape square)
2. Qg7++ (The white pawn at f6 supports the checkmate.)

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  Good Morning Puzzlers,

  Another checkmate problem and the castled king.
  This problem is from Mario Lang's puzzle web page at: 

   and is from Fred Reinfield's book "1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate" .

  Problem BWTC 0429
  White to move
   w - - 0 1
  Short Algebraic Problem Setup:
  White: Kg1, Qe3, Ra1, Re5, Bd3, Pa3, Pb2, Pc2, Pf2, Pf6, Pg4, Ph4
  Black: Kh7, Qc7, Rc8, Rf8, Bd7, Pa6, Pb7, Pd5, Pe6, Pf7, Pg6, Ph6

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