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Good job.

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Hello Puzzlers,
Doctor Z is ready to operate. My solution:
1. Qd8+ Kg7 (forced move)
White queen covers rank 8 plus f6 square. White bishop covers g6 plus h7 
squares. Black king has one safe square at g7.
2. Rxg5+ (rook sacrifice) hxg5 (forced move)
Since the black king cannot move, black must take the rook with the pawn.
3. h6+ Kxh6 (forced move)
Since the black king is being checked by the pawn, the black king must take the 
pawn creating room for the white queen.
4. Qh8+ Rh7 (forced move)
The white queen has trapped the black king against the edge of the chessboard. 
Notice that the black pawn g5 prevents the black king's escape.
5. Qxh7++ (checkmate)
The white bishop protects the white queen to checkmate the black king.
All the checks by white prevented black from using its pieces.

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  Good Morning Puzzlers,

  Another checkmate problem, but from a different part of the file.

  This problem is from Mario Lang's puzzle web page at: 

   and is reported to be from Fred Reinfield's book "1001 Brilliant Ways to 
Checkmate" .

  This problem can also be obtained from G. Ossimitz's chess page at:

  Problem BWTC 0427
  White to move
   w - - 0 1
  Short Algebraic Problem Setup:
  White: Kb2, Qd2, Re5, Bc2, Pa2, Pb4, Pc4, Ph5
  Black: Kf8, Qf2, Rf7, Bb7, Pa7, Pb6, Pc7, Pg5, Ph6

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