[blind-chess] Clarification on 2011 Ladder Tournament Discussion

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Hi All,

We had a lot of this discussion a few weeks ago (see forwarded email below) and 
I think the consensus was to reverse the Ladder.  My question yesterday was on 
the exact method of rearranging it.  As I noted yesterday, I thought you wanted 
to simply reverse the existing order at year end, but some thought it was by 
the inverse of rating order.

Lets not take too long deciding this as the end of the year is nearly upon us.  
So I will assume we are going to reverse the existing order at year end unless 
an alternative approach is clearly requested.

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Hello Ladder Players,

Below is my consolidation of the comments so far regarding the 2011 Ladder 

Item 1: Regarding reversing the Ladder order on January 1.
Yes: Rebecca, Edward, Curtis, Mike G, Paul
No: David

Item 2: Regarding playing two games for each challenge.
Yes: Hugh, David, Rebecca
No: Edward, Lewis, Curtis, Mike G, Paul

It is not too late to vote, but for now I think the reversal of order and one 
game per challenge are winning.

Games in progress on January 1 will continue after reversing the ladder order 
with the challenger being above the defender after the reversing.  If the 
challenger wins, the order is unchanged.  If the defender wins, the defender 
moves above the challenger.

Special note: If a new list member wants to join the Ladder during December, I 
propose putting them near the top so they will be near the bottom in January.


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