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  • Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 13:14:12 -0800

Hi Hong,

We were having a recurring issue at OC. When a patron went to log out, the 
logout button and clock would go away, but the desktop would still appear to be 
'open'. At that point the whole PC was frozen and had to be logged out or 
restarted. Also, when patrons came in the following day and logged in, CybraryN 
would block them with a message stating they were still currently logged in.

I talked to CybraryN about this and their only answer was 'update'. We were 
running 3.0 and they said that these were issues with XP SP3.

I had tried every fix I knew of with past issues (clearing the dba files. new 
dba files etc.) but could not get this fixed. Since Gary and Adam had made 
contact with CybraryN and posted the updates, I decided to go for it. Adam had 
the same problem and said the August 09 install fixed his issue.
I just decided to go ahead and test the newest one. 

So, short answer, I don't know whether this fixes my issue or not. The Read Me 
file has a long list of versions/fixes, mine wasn't listed.....

I will follow up with OC status after it has been in the field for awhile. So 
far today, no reports!

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  Hi Martin,

       What does the new version fix?


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  Hi all,

  I installed the Nov 09 version (untested) of CybraryN at our Cambria branch 
  Install was trouble free and is currently working fine.....
  I'll let you know if we have any issues or errors.
  Thanks Gary and Adam!


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