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Ladies & gents:

This is a reminder of the meeting of the writer's group on Saturday,
July 19, at 9 pacific, noon eastern, in the friends of bookshare

We are pleased to have Nan Hawthorn presenting to us at that time
regarding the writing & publication of her novel "An Involuntary
King". There will also be q&A following. So, we won't be presenting
our writing this week. Nonetheless, here are some suggestions for your
writing pleasure:

1) A fireworks display;
2) My favorite things;
3) A modern fairy tale;
4) My pet;
5) Something that really torks me off;
6) a predicament;
7) A day to remember.

I'm sorry--I should have gotten these out yesterday. I guess the cold
I have affects my head in more than 1 way.
Change the world--1 deed at a time
Jackie McBride
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