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This has more to do w/a submitter's poor technique than w/any
particular program.  Possibly brightness was not set properly, which
sounds as if it might be the case since obviously the loop on the e
was not caught, or, perhaps, as Robert said, the book was not laid
flat enough against the scanner.  Garbage in, garbage out, u know, &
that happens no matter what package you're using.  So, blame it on the
person doing the scanning as opposed to the software.

On 12/7/07, robert tweedy <roberttweedy@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> If it is like that through out the book and there are a lot of junk
> characters reject it. It is a scan book and the submitter didn't hold the
> book flat on the scanner.
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>   Hi all.  I'm right now just starting a read through of Keeping Silent,
> about a deaf man's fiance who was murdered.  This is the first time I've
> seen a KES file and i'm pretty surprised how bad the scan turned out.  I
> mean  I se things like an open parenthesies for the letter e or an I for the
> letter in, or a comma where a y should be.  Am I being unreasonable, or is
> this just a not so good scan.  I'll perservere for now, e'll see.  Talk
> soon,
>   Siobhan

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