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It ends with a bunch of $$$.  I don't have the copy in frot of me, but I'll
look and email you privately with how it ends.

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I just downloaded Without Remorse and at least the HTML extension of the
file ends where the actual book does. Where is it ending for you?


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Hi Guido,

    Thanks for your response.  The tape from NLS had about 16 sides and
I think where the Bookshare copy ended was on about side 11 or 12.  I
was reading the brf copy and sorry I can't get any closer than that.

    I read it about a year ago.  Is there a chance that the copy on
Bookshare now is a resubmitted copy?


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What portion of Without remorse by Tom Clancy is missing?
The copy on Bookshare with Kurzweil quality of 99.68% has 690
pages and appears to end with the end of the book.
I have a personal copy containing 752 pages,  but it might be a
different pressing/edition.  If a chunk were missing in the middle I can
integrate and resubmit.  Pls let me know.


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Please respond to





[bksvol-discuss] without remorse

I also found this book incomplete.  I got a response from staff
that said it
was complete. But alas, I had to finish the book by using an NLS

Mike Riley

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