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Best Selling Christian Fiction Trilogy 

End of Time Thrillers
By Author/Scientist Cary Bybee

When scientist and Christian author are one and the same, the result is one of 
the most thrilling, intriguing, and at once biblically and scientifically 
accurate end of time trilogies the world has ever seen. Be prepared to travel 
the planet with the heroes and villains of The Last Gentile Trilogy. You will 
be glued to the page as Revelation unfolds, bringing unbelievable disasters of 
the global kind.

Mystery ~ Suspense ~ Romance ~ Drama

The Last Gentile Trilogy is the amazing end of times fiction series that 
reminds us how precarious our lives really are. Packed with edge-of-your-seat 
suspense and glimpses into the spiritual world, this exciting trilogy is 
changing lives.

If Bible prophecy intrigues you, if you can't go a week without watching your 
favorite forensic mysteries on TV, if you've ever wondered just what will 
happen when Jesus and Satan square off . . . then you won't be able to put down 
The Last Gentile Trilogy! 

Peretti, Crichton, King and CSI fans alike
love this trilogy, raving,
"It's the thriller of a lifetime!"

The world is in chaos. After a two-mile-wide asteroid buries itself in the 
heart of the United States, the world is thrown into a nuclear winter-but it 
won't last. The planets are aligning in the heavens and will soon scorch the 
earth with temperatures exceeding 160 degrees. As if that were not enough, 
plagues, earthquakes, war and starvation rip through the world's population.

And it has only just begun.

Don't miss The Last Gentile Trilogy. 



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