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So true. I scanned a print version of an ebook earlier this summer, and they 
put an ISBN of all zeroes for the ebook version on the title page, and the 
real ISBN for the printed book on the back of the book. Gotta watch out for 
that sort of thing. No biggie since ISBNs are not required, but still, it 
threw me for a while until I could consult a librarian about it.


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  Hi Monica!

  Also, we now have to keep an eye out for ISBN for Ebooks.  What is 
happening now is that they will place the Ebook ISBN first and then the 
print book ISBN.  We need to keep an eye out for books that first came-out 
as Ebooks.

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    Hi, Julia. The ISBN isn't required. It's helpful to put on the form if 
you know it, but it doesn't always scan well. I get many of my books from 
Paperback Swap, so I have a handy way to just copy and paste the ISBN number 
onto the submission form. If you can't access the number for your book, no 
one will come knocking at your door to nfind out why it's missing from your 
book. (smile) At the beginning of this year, publishers switched over to a 
new 13-digit system to allow for the expanding number of books being 
published each year. The old number was 10 digits, and some books were 
published with both sets of numbers last year as publishers prepared for the 
new system. So if you have a choice, the 13-digit number is the one to use 
because it will help Bookshare keep track of books in the future. I hope 
this helps make sense of the whole number thing.

    Monica Willyard

    Julia Kulak wrote:
      Oh Dear. I never put isbn's in my submitions, I guess I should?

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