[bksvol-discuss] Re: where are the new books?

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Thanks Mike and others for that clarification. However, I'm still surprised at the lag time. I have submitted and validated 12 books, and the longest I've had to wait between validating and receiving approval is 10 days, and that was only once.

Strange indeed,

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We're not talking about the lag time between approval and a book appearing
on the site.
Rather, we're talking about the lag time between the book's validation by
a volunteer and the administrator's approval.
In some instances, this is taking months; and that is what some folks are
less than pleased with.
The source of this bottleneck is that more and more books are being
prepared for BookShare without an apparent increase of resources at
BookShare's end to handle this increased workload.
Hopefully, the head honchos at BeneTech, BookShare's overseer, are aware
of this problem and are quietly figuring out how to deal with it.
With limited resources available to BookShare, this is probably not an
easy matter to permanently fix unless
somehow volunteers can be brought into the final approval process.
It is a kind of a pleasant problem because it indicates just how
successful BookShare is and how dedicated volunteers are in supplying the
service with ever increasing amounts of material.

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