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  • Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 14:54:34 -0800 (PST)

I'm keeping this short because I am using a computer at the library, as
mine is currently down and will not be available for a couple of weeks
yet.  But I did not want to let this pass without comment.  While it may
be true that not as many people know about Jake's site as should, and that
there are doubtless some people who do know about it who are too lazy to
take the minimum trouble involved in going there, it is definitely not
true that it is unappreciated - at least by some of us.  I do not go there
all the time, but I have been there several times to find tips, look at
Marissa's list and to look at series as well as to update the rejection
list once when I had to reject a book for missing pages.  However, like
most people, I do not point out every time I visit a site whenever it goes
well, just when there is a problem.  So I do not want Jake to get the
impression that his work goes unvalued - at least by some of us who
validate and scan, but who do not always have as high a profile as some
others on the list.  For me, personally, I do not know how the site could
be easier to use.  Thanks, Jake, for doing the work necessary to create it
and making it so accessible and easy to navigate.  I am even more thankful
after hearing the 5000 lines of code figure.  The longest program I ever
wrote was just a few hundred lines, so I have at least some idea of what
kind of time and energy is involved in what you have done.

As far as the book reviews go, I agree with you on this.


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