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Hello E, 

I believe Nick said on the K1000 list that ADF only scanners will not let
you optimize. I haven't played with it but it would seem there would be a
way to make it work.

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Are you saying the k1000 optimize feature does not work with your 
scanner?  If it does not, do you know the cause is?  Just curious.

At 09:34 PM 9/1/2005, you wrote:

>     In response to the comments about the scanner at BookShare, I have 
> just purchased a Canon DR-2580c scanner. It was $714 from Amazon.com. So 
> far, it is working well. Two things to note about this scanner are that 
> it is only a sheet fed device unless you buy the optional flatbed (about 
> $400), and you cannot use the Optimization procedure to test out the 
> various settings. K1000 and K3000 know how to handle the duplex feature 
> of this scanner. More later.
>Robert Jaquiss

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